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Iris Silver Mist


Created in 1994 for Serge Lutens by Maurice Roucel, this is an ode to iris.

It opens with galbanum, green and tangy paired with earthy, cold, moist iris. Once the galbanum passes, the sensuous iris blooms, becoming less loud and more graceful with cedar and sandalwood adding a deep woody contrast. Clove appears and for a little while stands right up beside the iris, its warm spiciness playing off the cold rootiness of the iris. Vetiver bolsters the green aspect of the iris, while amber, incense and musk at the base give it a beautiful sheer, resiny drydown.

Iris is the star of this frag and is apparent throughout. It’s cold, earthy rawness at the start can give you…well, a start. Over time, it becomes less raw and more graceful and quite sheer revealing layers of warmth, woodiness, spiciness, greenness. So beautifully done, you know you are experiencing a masterpiece.

Some people say this is a good cold day frag – I say it’s perfect any day.

Iris Silver Mist as a European exclusive and is not available in stores or online in North America.

Notes: galbanum, iris cedar, sandalwood, clove, vetiver, musk, amber, incense, amber.

Type: EDP  

Parfumeur: Maurice Roucel


Price: $6.00