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The original six Lostmarc'h fragrances, launched in 2007, were inspired by the rugged coastal landscapes defined by the boundary of earth and ocean at Lostmarc’h beach in Brittany, France – moors, dunes, grass, flowers, seaweed, rocks, ocean. Each scent represents a unique feature of the area, and carries the ancient Breton name which describes it. Iroaz means “rose” in Breton, and ohhhh, what a rose it is!

Iroaz is a salty rose, and it’s just beautiful, right from the very top. The opening accord is green rose mixed with ocean air, so interesting and different that the more I smell it, the more I want to smell it. It’s quite linear, but as Iroaz expands into the dry-down, there’s a hint of powdery iris which stops the marine notes from overpowering, and the rose notes from oversweetening.  In the far dry-down, Iroaz has become a softly spicy rose with a hint of berries but still with the wild salt-air  vibe which my nose loves.

Iroaz is definitely not a lying-in-the-sun, working-on-my-tan beachy frag. This is the smell of a warm summer day at a northern seashore, when the natural perfume of wild roses carries on the sea breeze, and mixes with aromas of long dune grass, seaweed drying on the rocks, and wild berry bushes growing on the cliffs. Green-grassy, salty, fresh-floral, natural, untamed. Different. Chic. FBW. Unforgettable.
Notes: wild rose absolue, grass, marine notes, orris, red berries
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Antoine Vuillermet

Price: $5.00