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J.Crew No. 57 Arquiste


On January 5, 1943 Peggy Guggenheim had a show featuring only modern female artists titled Exhibition by 31 Women, at her The Art of This Century gallery on the top floor of 30 West Fifty-seventh Street in NYC.
Hailed by the press as the party of the decade, the Exhibition by 31 Women opening party was the inspiration behind No. 31 from New York City-based niche perfumer Arquiste for clothing line J. Crew:
According to the press release, No. 57  was inspired by the curved oak walls of the gallery and the aromatic cocktails at the bar are evoked in a woodsy blend of cedarwood, aged whiskey and cinnamon.

No. 57 was inspired by the aromatic cocktails and curved oak walls of the gallery. It opens with a mouth-watering note of warm, deep, whiskey. It smells of sweet hay, honey and oak barrels. A note of cinnamon extends the spiciness of the whiskey note, giving it a seductive warmth. I get whiffs of oakwood and cedarwood that give No. 57 a clean, sophisticated woodiness. Leathery labdanum gives it depth, while its amber sweetness is heightened by a soft note of vanilla, making No. 57 a perfect cocktail mix.

The Exhibition by 31 Women opening must have been some party, but instead of feeling that I have missed out on something wonderful, No. 57 makes me feel like I am part of something just as wonderful.
Notes: aged whiskey, cinnamon bark, oakwood, cedarwood, labdanum, vanilla

Type: EdT

Parfumeurs: Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Yann Vasnier

Price: $4.00