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Jolie Madame


Jolie Madame is a leather chypre, and I love leather chypres. Cuir de Russie and Jolie Madame are like the two Leather sisters, the older well-married sister named Jasmine, the younger unconventional sister named Violet, both exceptionally beautiful and feminine but with very different personalities, and very different from their rough-edged cousins from the Big-Leather side of the family, Bandit and Knize Ten.

Jolie Madame opens with an explosion of sparkling lush green – violet leaves, that is, mixed with light citrus and spice – and then reveals its sweeter heart of white florals, rose, and iris, still shaded in green leaves. It veers from becoming a predictable pretty scent as it develops, growing darker as oakmoss, patchouli, and vetiver float into the mix. Musk, civet and the unmistakably smoky leather basenotes transform Jolie Madame into a fascinating perfume of contrasts – appealingly feminine with a dark uninhibited side that begs to be explored.

I would never suggest Jolie Madame for someone young and untried by life – you’ve gotta have some mileage to understand and love Jolie Madame. It is, after all, a leather scent, and it is a chypre, potent and unapologetically strong, and remarkably beautiful.

Notes: gardenia, artemisia, bergamot, coriander, neroli, jasmine, tuberose, rose, jonquil, orris, patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, musk, castoreum, leather, civet.
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Germaine Cellier

Price: $5.00