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Jour d'Hermes

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 What do I smell?
I smell grapefruit edged with lemon, and raw rhubarb. The rhubarb is delicious with its bitter/sour green/red edge. Then I smell flowers, small young blooms mixed with green leaves and cut stems, but I can’t identify a specific flower smell – it reminds me of big loose spring bouquet, the kind my mother would bring in from the garden at the end of May. The scent is strong and big at first – radiant, is the word – but becomes light and airy. It doesn’t “stick” inside my nostrils, like some many floral accords – I have to keep bringing my nose to my wrist and take another sniff. The scent smells floral but airy, not earthy, and from time to time, on different days even, I think I can pick out rose, or violet, or lily of the valley, gardenia, or hyacinth, which is one of my favourite spring blooms, even orange blossom, but then it becomes a floral accord again. No specific floral dominates.
So that’s the beginning, the first thirty minutes or so, and then Jour d’Hermes begins to shift to a warmer feel, as musks come up through the floral accord, softening the white and the green notes, turning spring into summer. I may smell vanilla, just a touch, but airy radiant quality of the fragrance doesn’t change dramatically. Rather, Jour d’Hermes becomes - here’s that word - luminous.
This perfume seems simple at first, but I’ve discovered that it is deceptively complex and refined. How on earth does Ellena create the sensation of floral lightness, and yet give this scent the elegant sillage and beautiful diffusion of an Oriental? Jour d’Hermes to me smells like flowers in sunshine, green leaves, blue skies, and it also has a warm sensuality that is undeniable, and extremely appealing.
Notes: Unlisted
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Jean-Claude Ellena

Price: $5.00