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Katy Perry’s INDI – Different. And really good. May 17, 2018

Katy Perry's INDI  -

I had a WOW! perfume experience yesterday.

I was browsing in a downtown Shoppers Drug Mart, just checking out what they had on tap, was there anything new or noteworthy on the perfume shelves? Had I missed any new launches? Nope. Around the corner and in the next aisle was a shelf filled with the celebrity scents, Britney, Taylor, Nikki, JLo, Jessica, Katy, a neon-fruit-salad display of blingy bottles and boxes. Except for one, which stood out from the rest because it was black and white with a plain logo, like someone had printed it on the bottle with a felt-tip pen. Katy Perry’s INDI.  I couldn’t help myself - I sprayed, I sniffed, and I bought a bottle. Just like that.

Let me explain. My expectations for this fragrance are zero, maybe even negative, due to my dislike of syrupy fruity-berry-floral celebuscents, a visceral feeling which has evolved over the years from riding the subway twice a day. They all smell the same to me, sticky and thick and overpoweringly sweet, so I’m shocked when Katy Perry’s INDI comes out of the bottle almost the exact opposite.

At first, it smells sharp with a sort of retro vibe, but this soon becomes a green citrus and tea accord, then more creamy with the addition of musks sweetened with notes of dark plum. As it dries into the heart, INDI reminds me of the exceptional Sarah Jessica Parker scent, SJP Stash, but not as woody and spicy, much more light and airy. There are soft white florals, lily of the valley and cyclamen, and cedar notes in the heart which add up to a powdery softness, and then the base notes develop, and this is where INDI enters niche territory.

Per the note list, the base is “seductive musks”, with notes of vanilla and tonka and cedarwood, and the result is a deliciously smooth androgynous skin scent that lasts for hours. It seems linear at first, but the scent is full of surprises, revealing a menu of olfactory sensations through the dry-down that’s quite wonderful…clean, earthy, floral, woody, whiffs of dried fig, leather, bitter chocolate, citrus, sandalwood, cedarwood. INDI stays close to the skin, but stays for hours, cozy and warm, soft, intimate, subtle and sexy in the most natural way.

Katy Perry’s INDI is definitely a fragrance for grown-ups. In an interview in Cosmopolitan when the fragrance launched in August 2017, Katy Perry said that her new androgynous look with short blonde hair and more natural makeup is part of her search for her real self, her individuality. And because she’s embracing her own individuality, she wanted to encourage others to do the same. Therefore, her new musky scent is intentionally non-gendered so that it will appeal to everyone, and can be worn by anyone. No boundaries, including the price which is truly affordable.

Katy Perry’s INDI reflects the more mature and confident artist that Katy Perry is today – her new album Witness, also reflects this. I’ve always liked Katy Perry. I think she’s really talented. And I respect the fact that she’s got the guts to take a risk and offer a mainstream fragrance that smells like niche, and is so different from her Purr and Meow fragrances that perfume lovers like myself will buy it, wear it, talk about it, and truly enjoy it.

I think Katy Perry’s INDI is really good. In fact, I think it’s outstanding.

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