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KenzoAmour makes a statement about love. The Kenzo Parfums website describes it as a sensual musky woody floral fragrance that is about the “slow and sensual journey of love of a couple through the world, punctuated by chance meetings and smiles…” A bird, a red-winged turtledove in flight, is used as the symbol of love, and appears on the packaging and in the TV commercial, and from the listed notes, the slow journey takes place through Asia - Japan, India, Indonesia, China.
Created in 2005 by Daphne Bugey (Le Labo Rose31 and Neroli36, Issey by Issey Miyake) and Olivier Cresp (Angel, Dune, Juniper Sling) KenzoAmour opens with soft floral sweetness, the peachy coconut note of frangipani mixed with delicate cherry blossom. This sweetness soon begins to fade and is replaced with a slightly peppered vanilla blended with lightly smoked incense and woods, and it’s this accord which takes me into the heart of KenzoAmour. There’s a sensation of harmony and transparency that has a quiet sensuality as the soft florals waft in and out with the vanilla woods.
As the base dries down the florals recede and the vanilla/ woods accord is subtly dusted with a jasmine rice-and-white tea blend that never moves into gourmand, but damps down the sweetness and adds a musky note which remains caressing and comforting. The delicate sillage is soft, and it lasts for hours on my skin.
Amour=love=amour. There is no message of overwhelming ego-driven passion in this fragrance. The message in this bottle is about the quiet kind of love that comforts, and endures throughout the journey, wherever it takes you. KenzoAmour smells pure and good. Some days, that’s exactly what I need.
Notes: Cherry and frangipani blossoms, woods, incense, Thanaka wood, rice, white tea, and a touch of vanilla.
Type: EdP
Parfumeurs: Daphne Bugey and Olivier Cresp

Price: $4.00