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Kiss Me Tender

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Kiss Me Tender was unmistakeably created for feminine skin.
This fragrance, an Oriental floral released in late 2010, could be called Patricia de Nicolaï’s homage to heliotrope. I always have heliotrope in my pots – it grows tall, densely green mint-shaped leaves with ridges, and perfect small purple flower clusters which have an incredible fragrance. They smell of sweet almond and vanilla with hints of peppery licorice. it’s a bewitching scent, soft, sinuous, one of nature’s perfect perfumes.
In the opening of Kiss Me Tender, I inhale almond and vanilla, punched-up with lemon, a wonderful contrast. Anise adds a green dimension to the sweet accord that leads into the heliotrope heart of the scent. through the addition of spice - cinnamon and clove - and fragrant white florals - ylang-ylang and orange blossom.
In the dry-down, vanilla, musk and opoponax (sweet myrrh) reduce the floral intensity, soften the sweetness, making it smooth and deeper, richer. After an hour or so, the vanilla has decreased, the musky almond is more prominent, soft yet still spiced and tempting, a definite skin scent.

Kiss Me Tender has been described by many as a gourmand, but it's much more than that - its sensual vibrations provoke an irresistible desire to kiss!

It’s another perfection from Parfums de NIcolaï.
Notes: Orange flower, bitter almond, star anise, spicy cinnamon and cloves bud, ylang-ylang and heliotrope flower vanilla, musk and opoponax
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Patricia de Nicolaï

Price: $5.00