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Along with Giacobetti’s Idole de Lubin, a divinely luscious Oriental with notes of rum, spices, woods, leather, Korrigan is part of the Talismania Collection from Lubin. Considered avant-garde when it launched in 2012, it’s since become a minor cult classic because it is so uniquely original and perfectly formulated, with its otherworldly interplay of two accords: creamy boozy woody caramel and bitter-green tarry smoky leather. Whether you get to fully experience both of these accords depends on your personal chemistry – turns out that skin is one of the key ingredients in Korrigan, which adds to its cult appeal.

From the Lubin website:

A Korrigan is a small mythical creature that haunts the moors of Brittany, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.In the Armorican countryside frolic the Korrigans at night. They come to harvest juniper berries and wild beechnuts. Then, in dark caves, they distil barley into spellbinding spirits, spicing them with saffron, musking them with ambrette, scenting them with lavender. During the solstice festivals, they all drink their elixirs out of leather pouches, causing bodies and souls to capsize.

Perfumer Thomas Fontaine created Korrigan by imagining a tree with sweet but tangy sap, which he called  “Caramel Wood.” From the top, Korrigan smells milky and steamy, but immediately becomes buttery and sweet as the caramel note develops. Before the burnt-sugar caramel becomes cloying, cognac and juniper berry mix with the top notes to create a deliciously gourmand booziness. Into the heart, saffron and lavender and ambrette transform Korrigan into a sensuous cloud, pushing the gourmand sweetness in the background, pulling more boozy and herbaceous warmth into the heart.  With the addition of the base notes, cedar, leather, oudh, vetiver, and warm musks, the magic of Korrigan truly happens.

What began as a seemingly simple sweet fragrance, is now a full-blown skin scent, a scent of whispers and caresses. Hints of resinous cedar, wafts of rich saffron, the tarry smokiness of oudh and leather, the sweet alcoholic glow of golden liqueurs, all speak of shared pleasures far beyond a Caramel Wood. A scent to be shared by lovers, by women and men.

Notes: Juniper berry, saffron, cognac, lavender, ambrette, whiskey, cedar, oudh, leather, vetiver, musk

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Thomas Fontaine

Price: $5.00