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L’Wren Scott – A hint of the exotic – November 7, 2014 New Fragrance listing

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I bought L’Wren Scott, the fragrance by designer L’Wren Scott, this past February at Barney’s in NYC. I didn’t introduce this 2012 chypre to the ‘Niche right way because I wanted to save it for later, for a time when I needed to talk about a fragrance I really really loved - in other words, one that would be easy to write about.

Then L’Wren Scott died, suddenly and tragically on March 17th, and the fragrance wasn’t so easy to write about, plus it didn’t feel appropriate to talk about perfume when the world had lost a unique personality and creative light.  I knew that this fragrance would have to wait for a while before joining the ‘Niche.

So I left the heavy flask-shaped ruby-red glass bottle in its crisp white tailored box on the shelf marked “NEW” and forgot about it. Every so often, I’d look up and see it sitting there, and think “I haven’t forgotten ….it’s just not time yet.”

Today is the right time. No conscious thought as to why, maybe because our new grandson was born yesterday, and I’ve been immersed in experiencing the miracle of life, but today I reached up and unpacked L’Wren Scott, spritzed lavishly, and inhaled this lovely fragrance with immense pleasure.

Its deliciously aromatic opening is an herbal spicy accord of wormwood (absinthe), star anise, coriander, and mandarin orange that’s like an invitation to a party. The absinthe and anise greet me at the door and let me know I’m in for a good time, and the coriander and mandarin sweep me along towards the floral heart of the fragrance, on the way introducing me with quick hugs-and-kisses to curry and cloves. Warm and inviting with a hint of the exotic….

When we enter the heart, the florals are the centre of attention. The fleshy drama queens, tuberose and jasmine, flanked by marigold and geranium with their sharp green aspect, create a creamy floral waft. Thick, soft, very slightly sweet with a hint of vanilla, the feminine florals are serenaded by the spice and green notes that continue to float around the edges. And in the base, patchouli, leather and musk, backed by amber and moss – the downtown crowd – arrive to mix in some sexual tension. The basenotes mix and merge, perfectly showcased and perfectly balanced, sharing the dance floor with the florals and spices as the party continues and then winds down into the wee small hours of the morning. A great time is had by all, no one makes a fool of themselves, or overstays their welcome, thanks, great party, see you soon….good memories of a good time…

L’Wren Scott  was a successful model, and became an in-demand clothing designer whose aesthetic revealed both the demure and sexy aspects of women, especially her dresses, which she always showed with hat and gloves.  Proper on the outside, sensual on the inside.

She had a classic old-world sense of how women should look, and that same sense transferred to her fragrance, hence the classic chypre. L’Wren loved fragrance all her life, created her own from essential oils, and worked closely with perfumeur Ralf Schweiger to create L’Wren Scott. She knew exactly what she wanted before she started her perfume project, and design-directed right down to the last detail, such as the paper on the box (linen finish).

L’Wren Scott, the fragrance, is aromatic, earthy, floral, musky and mossy but in a subdued way. She was quoted in Women's Wear Daily: “I don’t think [perfumes] should wear you, just enhance who you are.” Definitely wearable by both men and women, her fragrance has a familiar feel to it (the proper part) but also a mysterious exotic quality (the sensual part).  Exactly what she wanted, and a true pleasure to wear.

L’Wren Scott is in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00.