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La Belle Hélène


Launched in 2011, La Belle Hélène is the 10th fragrance in the MDCI line and sure to be a flyer.

Inspired by Escoffier’s famous dessert of poached pears, chocolate sauce, ice cream and crystallised violets, but don’t let the inspiration trick you into dismissing this frag as ‘fruity’ or ‘sweet’. Nose Bertrand Duchaufour’s work is too sophisticated for such a literal translation.

La Belle Hélène opens with a bright citrus tang from tangerine and lime blossom paired with crisp, tart pear. It doesn’t take long before osmanthus appears bringing its notes of luscious apricot jam and green violet. Rose and ylang ylang balance the sweetness and add a floral freshness to the scent. As the scent blooms, the violet gets powdery and woody – aspects which are amplified by the addition of iris and which bring out the leather aspect of osmanthus.  Anise at the base adds its own unique sweetness while myrrh, patchouli amber vetiver give it an animalic depth that is a counterpoint to the lush rich fruits at the heart.
La Belle Hélène is a sublime fragrance that is as sophisticated and well-crafted as Escoffier’s creation.

Notes: pear, aldehydes, tangerine, lime blossom, rose essence, osmanthus, ylang ylang, iris, hawthorn, plum, myrrh, vetiver, patchouli, cedar, amber, oakmoss, white musk, licorice.
Type: EDP

Parfumeur:  Bertrand Duchaufour

Price: $7.00