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La Vaniglia


“This is a vanilla like you’ve never smelled before” says the Sales Assistant, spritzing my wrist. I take a big sniff, and in a nano-second, my olfactory world changes.   

“The opening is a mix of bergamot, mandarin and mint!  It so unusual! But wait!” Her eyes widen as she looks at me, “in a few seconds you should smell pepper! black pepper! ” She waits as I sniff again, and there it is – an amazing accord that I’ve never smelled before, it smells juicy, creamy, and HOT all at the same time, from something dark bubbling up from beneath. 

“Frankincense, and ginger are next, and then earthy patchouli, says the SA. “The pepper effect softens, and it starts to get sexy, and well…voluptuous." And next I smell the vanilla, a boozy vanilla, creamy, aromatic, dark and smoky, like black rum. But before it gets too deep and dark, the ginger note comes back with a zing, adding some golden spicy heat back into this interesting cocktail, and wafts of churchy-but-not-sacred powdery incense sweeten the scent. But at the same time, there is a distinct note of green growing things and damp earth from the patchouli that makes La Vaniglia mysteriously, deliciously sex-y!
The vanilla becomes more dominant, more softly nuanced in the drydown, and in the end La Vaniglia has transformed into a dusky elegant scent, and is indeed, very voluptuous. Three very distinct and fascinating stages – juicy and HOT, spicy dark rich and mysterious, soft and creamy and sensuous.

La Vaniglia is one of three feminine scents in a collection called Le Voluttuose -The Voluptuous- released by BOIS 1920 two years ago. BOIS 1920 is an Italian perfume house founded in 1920 by Guido Galardi, a Florentine perfumer. Guido’s grandson, Enzo Galardi, followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, studied to become a perfumer and re-launched the company in 2005. There are now fifteen BOIS 1920 scents, several of which are Guido’s original formulas re-interpreted by Enzo for the contemporary market. 

Notes: Bergamot, mandarin, mint, pepper, frankincense, ginger, patchouli, vanilla.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Enzo Galardi

Price: $5.00