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Lavender and Coriander


Herbs are pretty terrific in fragrances. An excellent example, and one of my all-time favourite fragrances, is Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin. I use the Body Oil through winter on my legs and arms to fight dry skin and the deliciously subtle citrus-herbal waft throughout the day always feels like a gift of summer sunshine. And in summer, it’s the perfect scent to beat the heat and feel cool.
 There are five fragrances in the 2016 Limited Edition Herb Garden Collection from Jo Malone, which were created by perfumer Anne Flipo, who is known for her simplistic natural style. Flipo says in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, “I wanted these fragrances to be sophisticated… I used many high quality natural ingredients and I wanted…those ingredients…to shine with absolute clarity. This type of construction means that they can be layered with one another to change the nuance of the scent and create something individual.”
Lavender and Coriander
How can this little green bottle hold such a delicious scent? Aromatic and green with lavender and coriander, made tart and juicy with juniper berry, this is an herbal elixir which becomes earthy and faintly woody with sage notes as it dries down, then quietly rich with the sensual vanilla warmth of tonka bean.  Aromatic and heavenly, Lavender and Coriander’s English and French lavenders and herbs shine with Anne Flipo’s absolute clarity.
Try layering Lavender and Coriander with Nasturtium and Clover, another scent listed in the Decant Store from the Herb Garden Collection.
Notes: English Lavender, coriander(cilantro), juniper berry, French lavender absolute, sage, tonka bean
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Anne Flipo

Price: $6.00