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Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo – Parla Italiano? (March 9, 2012 New Fragrance Listing)

Photo - An Italian Garden by John Firth, May 2008

Oh, those Italians! The architecture, the music, the art, the language, the food! When it comes to expressing the beauty in life, they are primo!

In my fantasy life, I live in a palazzo on the Amalfi coast, or in Tuscany, or Lake Como – it’s hard to choose because they are all beyond beautiful – where I sit on the patio in the late afternoon sun, sipping wine from my vineyards, and smelling the air perfumed with the flowers, fruits, and herbs I’ve planted and tended lovingly.  My incredibly handsome and fabulously rich lover joins me, and as he touches my shoulder and leans in for a kiss, I smell his wonderful scent. It’s Uomo....

Those Italians are pretty good with perfume, too. Uomo was created by the young (at the time) Florentine perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi and launched in 1993. Almost twenty years later, Uomo still has a magnetic, contemporary vibe that is unmatched by newer masculine frags. I’ve written about Lorenzo Villoresi  - see my post about Piper Nigrum. He uses high quality , mostly natural ingredients, and has a full-bodied style, much like Andy Tauer, and features a spicy signature in most of his frags, which I like a lot. His perfumes make me feel like I’ve chosen a scent created by an artist, just for me, they give me such pleasure when I wear them. I think Villoresi’s talent and his niche line are much under-rated.

Uomo is a magnificent citrus which deserves kudos. Uomo (Man) is in the grand tradition of  sunny Italian citrus colognes, but is quite different. It is invigorating, rich, and multi-faceted. Villoresi seems to have achieved this un-colognish character by surrounding  the citrus with a unique and super-appealing combination of notes, notes which showcase and support the notoriously short-lived citrus from beginning to end.

Uomo opens with a blast of bright citrus – the peel, the pulp, the leaves, the juice – it’s green and orange and yellow, and spectacular. My husband says he can smell turpentine after 30 seconds or so – he’s become a committed Uomo fan in the last few days – and I can detect it, too. I think this turpenic undertone is the combination of the bitter petit grain and laurel notes, mixed with coriander and resinous herbal lavender. This sharpness recedes, the tangy citrus cocktail sweetens ever so slightly, becoming juicier, the aroma tantalizing, and then after fifteen minutes or so, Uomo starts to reveal its magic.

Pepper, clove, sage, and thyme form the rich spicy-herbal heart of Uomo, full of life, which constantly pulls my nose to my wrist. This potent accord is so intoxicating, I can't get enough of it! Soon its amplified by aromatic juniper of gin-and-tonic fame, which has a piny conifer note - another cocktail - and which builds a bridge into the woody dry-down after an hour or so.

Uomo’s woods are green, mossy, and foresty from vetiver, oakmoss, and cedar, with a hint of citrus floating on the edges.  As the dry-down deepens, creamy sandalwood and herbal patchouli mix with the green forest notes, the cedarwood becomes richer, the wood accord is smoothed and softened by the musk – and the citrus is still there, fading in and out, but still there. The dry-down is just wonderful, and Uomo stays on your skin for several hours, with a subtle sillage.

Citrus that lasts to the end, you say? Nooo – I don’t believe it. Well, get a sniff of Uomo, and experience it, and you’ll become a believer. You’ll also become acquainted with one of the most magnificent citrus scents that money can buy. It was made for men, but is worn by women too, because Uomo is one of those scents that feeds the senses, makes you feel good, lifts the spirit, gives confidence – you know, the kind of scent that you reach for unthinkingly and wear often, until one day you notice the bottle is almost empty.

Uomo is listed in our Decant Store. Decant are $5.00 for 1 ml.

Note: Lorenzo Villoresi's personal fragrance, the one he wears almost exclusively?.....Uomo.....from a Now Smell This  interview with the perfumer.