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The Tableau de Parfums scents are fully-fledged “portrait” fragrances, the names taken from famous movie actresses, but the scents based on the characters in Brian Pera's short films. The first scent was Miriam, the second is Loretta, launched in October 2012, and the third is Ingrid, from 2013. – they can be purchased on Brian Pera’s evelynavenue website.
Loretta’s character is a young woman, a maid at a motel living a somewhat naïve humdrum life, who daydreams about her other grown-up sophisticated self, a self who is romantic, sensual, seductive and desired. 
Loretta is an incredibly beautiful tuberose scent. Andy Tauer is an extremely talented perfumer with his own very distinct style (no one uses vanilla like Andy), and it’s fascinating to me to hear him describe how he perceives and interprets perfume notes. On his blog post in March 2013, he discusses the one-of-a-kind tuberose note, and how he used its different facets to create Loretta.
Opening big and powdery on top of vanilla-soaked sweet dark berries, Loretta is sweet, sweet, sweet, but the spice and rose accord immediately add a smoke-leather sensation, almost metallic and steamy, and the sweetness factor notches down. The pure tuberose that blooms in the heart on a bed of orange blossoms is a revelation, worlds away from the suffocatingly rich tuberose in Fracas or oily indolic blooms in Carnal Flower. The base becomes darker and sultry with woods and spices, but the delicious floral heart accord becomes addictive, and continues for hours, which is perfection because I can’t stop sniffing myself.
Loretta is the story of a different tuberose, unlike any other I’ve experienced. Its power reminds me of Dior Hypnotic Poison, but is much brighter and more dimensional.
A sultry, larger-than-life, modern, and incredibly beautiful tuberose. What more could you ask for?

Notes: Ripe sweet fruits and oriental spices (cinnamon, clove, coriander), Fresh rose, clean orange blossom and a dark tuberose, hints of suave leather, old vetiver, woody vanilla, and aged patchouli

Type: Edp
Parfumeur: Andy Tauer

Price: $6.00