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Loup des Steppes – Keeping me grounded on Hallowe’en – October 31, 2014

Image - Wikimedia Commons - Coyote-Loup des Steppes-Steppenwolf-

Y. Krishnappa, 2009

Oooooo – it’s damp and gray. It’s Hallowe’en….

The summer plants are dying, the leaves are falling, the air is filled with the smell of nature preparing for change. Stunning colours float through the air to land on the ground, beginning their transformation into new soil. The familiar aroma of fall leaves - a mix of dried herbs and wilting greenery and black loamy earth - plus the scent of carved pumpkins…it smells like Hallowe’en….

What’s real, what’s imagined? Across the street is a flying saucer – one must enter the alien shape and pass through the unknown to climb to the eerily dark front porch, alive with phantasms, spiders, devil faces, flashing lights and ghostly moans….. Oooooooo. It’s Hallowe’en….

The little fantasy people will invade the street, going from house to house demanding payment for their good behaviour. Admiring their zombie faces, guessing which tiny neighbour is really inside the mouse costume, dropping the treats in their goodie bags and sending  them back to parents waiting at the sidewalk…’s Hallowe’en….

Joining in the spirit of Hallowe’en requires preparation. The perfect disguise – Cruella de Ville wig, black velvet robe and witches gloves with long bony fingers – Check. Scary pumpkins and candles – Check. The perfect chilled wine – Sauvignon Blanc – Check. Spooky music – Night on Bald Mountain – Check. The perfect fragrance…

Fragrance? Really? Yes, I need more than wine to get through this evening of make-believe magic. Something real, like a down-to-earth organic fragrance made by Sandrine Giordanengo. Her company, SAMA, a small beauty company based in the south of France, makes 100% natural, 84% organic fragrances “to feed the soul. Every SAMA product is an elixir for the soul, nutrition for the heart, a support for the mind”. Read all about SAMA’s dedicated approach to creating pure mindful products here.

Loup des Steppes, or Steppenwolf, is linked to the earth element. Ginger and vetiver roots make it a grounding perfume. It makes men – and women alike – re-connect with their instinctive strengths.” Steppenwolf translates as coyote in German, and is the title of the Herman Hesse novel about reality and illusion....perfect for this special night....

This is a fragrance based on energy, and it starts with a delicious rush of lemon and ginger. Like magic, the zesty lemon note transforms into green vetiver, and with the ginger it becomes a fresh spicy accord, rooty and earthy and aromatic. Into the heart, this accord sweetens ever so slightly and then becomes more balsamic as the wood notes develop.

Cedarwood and creamy sandalwood with its dry sweet resin are in the heart, and the long dry-down reveals flashes of soft leather and sweet amber. Loup des Steppes is fairly linear, as I expect from a natural fragrance, but it has excellent longevity and a lovely waft. With a balsamic powdery finish, still redolent of earthy ginger, it’s so warm and inviting, uncomplicated and comforting and grounded, of this world, and in this world.

Loup des Steppes has the right ingredients, in the perfect balance, to give me strength and courage to greet the Walking Deads, Batmen, and Katy Perrys. Excuse me…I hear rustling and low voices…there’s a knock on the door. More zombies…it’s Hallowe’en….

I'm running out of candy, but I sure smell good...

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