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Chopard’s Madness is a fabulous niche scent,and you’ve likely never heard of it.  Done by Christine Nagel, the nose who created Fendi Theorema, Narcisco Rodriguez for Her, Delices by Cartier, and many scents for Guerlain, Thierry Wasser, and Jo Malone scents, Madness got off to a really bad start when it was launched in Fall 2001. The print ad featured the gorgeous Selma Hayek – a good choice – silhouetted against the lower Manhattan skyline – a very bad choice after September 11.
It’s a surprise right from the start. The pepper is well, peppery, and has a citrusy bite at first sniff, but soon there is a sweet fruitiness, like perfectly ripe raspberry which comes from from the lychee, softening the sharp blast. A sharp sweaty note emerges which becomes a dry woods sensation – the pepper again mixed with hibiscus – and then I begin to detect spicy rose, and Madness starts to expand into a warmer, darker velvety space. Rich and woody from the earthy rosewood, musky from the hibiscus, softly floral from the rose, Madness dries down after an hour or so into a smooth, polished, arresting scent, with a incense-like edge.
Madness seems to be a love-it or hate-it scent, provoking strong reactions.This fragrance is not for everyone – I can’t see young or inexperienced perfume lovers swooning over Madness - but if you do have a well-developed perfume appreciation, like to experience life off the beaten path and follow the road not taken, then you will appreciate a little Madness.
Notes: pink lychee, kumquat, pink pepper, hibiscus, rose, cotton flower, Brazilian rosewood and Palisander rosewood.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Christine Nagel

Price: $4.00