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Camille Goutal and Isabel Doyen, the perfumers who created this fragrance,  were “fascinated by the mysterious and spellbinding mandragore, [they] wanted to capture the powers of this plant [from] the multiple legends to create a unique fragrance, where the feminine and the masculine merge in a secret harmony....A mysterious name for a perfume [of] uncommon elegance, presented in a purple bottle to reflect the color of the plant. A scent which likes the skin, for both a man and a woman.” (from the Annick Goutal website).

I’d never come across mandrake as a perfume note before, so I was intrigued. . Mandragore opens bright and shiny, fizzy and spicy – I have the sensation of bits of gold sparkle exploding upward and then floating slowly down through the air.
The citrusy-tart bergamot is the shine, the ginger the fizz, and the pepper and anise the spice. It’s quite a strong and delicious potion, which after a few minutes changes to something more green and earthy, with the addition of a vegetal note – the mandrake and boxwood? -  mixed with spearmint.
 In the base, there is a woody-musky note, with the anise and ginger and earthy herbal green “mandrake” note still floating in and out. Mandragore settles into a light herbaceous scent with a creamy quality that definitely “likes the skin, for both a man and a woman.”
Notes:bergamot, black pepper, ginger, spearmint, star anise, boxwood, and sage leaf, iris, ciste root, labdanum.
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Isabelle Doyen

Price: $5.00