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Mauvais Garçon - Warm and inviting and irresistible


Image - Mauvais Garçon by Brecourt Paris - 

I have a new friend. She's much younger than I am, and I think she sees me as a cool older woman, a substitute for the grandmothers she never knew, but despite the large age gap we absolutely love each other's company. We met at the local dog park, and immediately bonded over our love of dogs and the challenge of living with young puppies. We share many interests but when she learned about my perfume passion, that cemented the friendship. 

A few weeks ago she said she was looking for a special fragrance for her boyfriend, one she'd read about called Mauvais Garçon. Had I heard of it? Did I know what is smelled like? Was it good? Well, I said, I just happen to have a bottle of Mauvais Garçon that I'd recently bought online, mostly because I liked the French name - it means Bad Boy - but also because I liked the note list, and I especially liked the price since it was on sale. I make these irrational unsniffed purchases sometimes, none of which I've ever regretted.

Mauvais Garçon is from Brecourt Paris, a small French niche brand launched in 2010 by perfumer Emilie Bouge. She describes her inspiration on the website:

"He thought that he could seduce the whole world with his physique and virile attitudes. He almost convinced me by his guile and polish. Too late, I realized that he is a bad boy..

His guile is the fragrance he wears, a refined Oriental, woody and spicy, fresh and masculine at first with bergamot and basil and nutmeg and cinnamon, but which dries down through lavender and white flowers steeped in vanilla and tonka bean, transforming into a softer fragrance with subtle gourmand appeal. In the base, Mauvais Garçon slowly sweetens with dark vanilla floating on blond woods, creamy sandalwood and pale cedar dusted with cinnamon and nutmeg, rubbed with patchouli. Warm and velvety and inviting... smooth and uncomplicated and totally irresistible. Who can resist a Bad Boy?

And who can resist wearing a Bad Boy's fragrance? Mauvais Garçon is not only irresistible to a woman, but is irresistible on a woman. I know this from my friend, who bought a bottle for her bad boy after I decanted a sample for her. I smelled it on her one evening, and commented that it smelled so good on her. 

"Yes" she said with a laugh, "we share it, and indulge our fantasies."

I think she's ready to try Mitsouko.

Mauvais Garçon is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.