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Mecca Balsam


Balsamo della Mecca, or Mecca Balsam, is one of the “Scents of the Soul” series from perfumer AbdesSalaam Attar, (birth name Dominque Dubrana), the nose and creative force behind the 100% natural online company, La Via del Profumo
Mecca Balsam is a perfect olfactory jewel. The inspiration for the scent came from a trip AbdesSalaam took to Mecca during Hajj, when Muslim pilgrims dress in white robes and ritually scent themselves with perfumes.
Rich dark leathery labdanum is the core, and appears at the first whiff, sweet at first with frankincense and then becoming really smoky and woody, the very distinct smell of slow-burning outdoor fire created by the benzoin and agarwood (oud). The smoke cloud disperses, and I can smell the labdanum wrapped in ambery tonka, as well as aromatic tobacco, which becomes stronger, then the dry-down changes it into the outdoor scent of hay drying in fields, mixing with smoke, leather and resinous woods. There are hints of rose and tuberose, and a lovely sillage.
Mecca Balsam is an extremely addictive scent. It’s an Oriental incense fragrance in the Middle-Eastern style,  which draws you in, creating an aura that borders on spiritual. It conveys an inner glow, and is a balsam for the soul of both women and men.
Notes:cistus labdanum, frankincense, benzoin, agarwood, tonka bean, tobacco, Indian tuberose and Damask rose.
Type: Perfume oil, 100% natural
Parfumeur: AbdesSalaam Attar

Price: $6.00