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Mitsouko EdP

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Mitsouko is an iconic fragrance. It is the benchmark chypre created by Jacques Guerlain in 1919. To the classic chypre formula created by Coty, Guerlain added a lactonic peach note, refining the chypre by layering plush warmth and roundness on top of the resinous woods and bitter mossiness.

Mitsouko EdP is less citrusy up top than Mitsouko EdT, and has more golden peach in the heart, but both have the wonderful warm Mitsouko dry-down.

Here’s my Mitsouko story:

I was twenty and living in Paris when I was given a small bottle of Mitsouko perfume by my French boyfriend. I liked it, not just because it was from him, but because it was so different from the perfumes that I already owned, like Chanel No.5, and Joy, which were floral, sweet, and predictable.

Mitsouko is made for skin - in fact, skin should be listed as one of the ingredients. This stupendous fragrance doesn’t reveal itself in a predictable way, but I can tell you that you might smell, at some point or another, sun-warmed peaches, a whiff of orange blossom, plums, roses, jasmine, soft vanilla, damp green moss, sea salt, dried herbs, woods, leather, smoke. 
Mitsouko is sensual in the purest sense of the word - the scent becomes part of you, like a second skin, always engaging your senses on some level. It’s an intimate scent, made for closeness and passion, always leaving you wanting more.
Spritz this EdP on your warm skin, and then let the experience embrace you for the next few hours.
Notes: bergamot, peach, mandarin, plum, rose, jasmine, vanilla, oakmoss, tonka bean, cinnamon, patchouli
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Jacques Guerlain 


Price: $6.00