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Mitsouko Parfum

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The Mitsouko I describe in my original 2010 post is actually the parfum concentration – the little bottle that was given to me years ago by my Paris boyfriend, and which started my devotion to this iconic scent. Mitsouko was then, and still is, a whole different experience than other perfumes. From my post in 2010:

“…Mitsouko is made for skin - in fact, skin should be listed as one of the ingredients. This stupendous fragrance doesn’t reveal itself in a predictable way, but I can tell you that you’ll smell sun-warmed peaches, a whiff of orange blossom, lemon or lime, roses, jasmine, soft ambery vanilla, damp green moss, sea salt, dried herbs, spices, woods, leather, smoky vetiver. Not in sequence, alternating, repeating, maybe together, maybe separately, perhaps strong, maybe just a whiff, almost sweet and then not sweet, filled with light then darker, mysterious, open, playful, satisfying, but always leaving you wanting more..."

My bottle of the parfum is the most recent 2013 formulation, and it is the Mitsouko I remember from years ago. It is full and luscious, warm and plush, nothing overstated or out of balance, with creamy golden peach, cool mossy notes, velvety woods spiced with cinnamon and vanilla, a feast for the senses. Less citrusy and sharp than the EdT, not as fruity as the EdP, Mitsouko Parfum has a darker richer opulent complexity than the lighter versions, a depth which is obvious from the very first sniff. 

Beautifully balanced, elegant, mysterious, and sensual, Mitsouko in any of its fragrant versions is a timeless masterpiece.

Someone, somewhere, commented that a person doesn’t choose Mitsouko – it chooses you. And if it does, you’re one of the lucky ones. I consider myself very lucky.

Notes: Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose, Citrus, Peach, Lilac, Rose Ylang-Ylang, Oakmoss, Spices, Cinnamon, Vetiver, Amber

Type: Parfum extrait

Parfumeur: Jacques Guerlain


Price: $20.00