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Mon Numéro 1


 I like the unique aroma of pears – sweetish and sort of musty. But paired with mimosa? Even on their own, mimosa and pear are difficult notes in a perfume, as they can be sickly sweet, or smell chemical or artificial, but to choose to feature them as the main accord is moving into adventurous creative territory.
Mon Numéro 1, Bertrand Duchaufour's "homage to mimosa", is irresistible  to my nose, and it’s the pear what done it! The green pear transforms the mimosa into a barely-sweet, cloud of pale white scent, superbly shaded in soft greens and silky musk.
The pear note is there, but unobtrusively in the background, the mimosa is light and floating, and the soft musk keeps the two notes in perfect balance.
Mon Numéro 1 has a very distinct signature note that reminds me a little of Duchaufour’s Traversée du Bosphore, but this note is different  - this is green, this only hints at sweetness, this is sheer, light, more transparent, and therefore a little younger, and more seductive
Notes: pear, basil, bergamot, violet leaves, blackcurrent buds, mimosa, osmanthus, magnolia flower, hay, musk, vanilia.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Bertrand Duchaufour

Price: $5.00