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Monsieur Balmain


There are two Monsieur Balmains -  M. Balmain (Old) is the Germaine Cellier original, introduced in 1964 and which disappeared sometime in the 1980’s, and M. Balmain (New), launched in 1990, and supposedly true to the original Cellier formula, which is thankfully still with us. Luca Turin in Perfumes The A to Z Guide calls M. Balmain (Old or New) “one of the best lemon scents ever”.

Just one spritz out of the bright yellow frosted bottle feels like the bottle has been turned inside out. It’s a fresh-squeezed lemon - the juiciest, sunniest, zestiest lemon note I’ve ever smelled – and it’s just mouth watering. This top note sings a clear solo for a full five minutes, and then is slowly joined by the crisp greens of lemon leaves, mint, verbena, and these green notes keep the tart juicy lemon singing all the way through Act One.

Act Two introduces a quiet chorus of aromatics which smells for just a few minutes slightly sharp and sweaty, but then settles into a sophisticated vibe. Monsieur Balmain so far is a linear scent, and when it’s time for Act Three and the base-note performance, I’m expecting the lemon to fade away. Smooth, woody, aromatic sandalwood is the key note with vetiver, sage, and amber singing back-up in close harmony, but amazingly, lemon remains the bright sunny star of this  production.

Monsieur Balmain is a straight-up scent, and it is ALL about the lemon. It definitely has humour and a sophisticated, confident elegance which appeals equally to, and smells great on, both men and women.
Notes: mint, lemon, bergamot, verbena and pettitgrain, heart notes of rose, pepper, ginger, nutmeg and rosemary, on base notes of mosses, sandalwood, vetiver, sage, amber and musk.
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Germaine Cellier

Price: $4.00