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Launched in 2013, Moon Bloom is the highly acclaimed debut fragrance from niche perfumer Hiram Green.

Born and raised in Toronto, Hiram Green attended the prestigious Ontario College of Art and Design. After graduation, he moved to London, England where he worked in many perfume stores, before opening his own niche shop called Scent Systems. Over time, he developed an interest in natural perfumery so he closed Scent Systems, moved to The Netherlands and taught himself how to make perfume.  He soon started making natural fragrances in small batches.

Moon Bloom is a tuberose-based fragrance. Tuberose is a night blooming flower. During its blooming cycle, tuberose flowers release a sweet, rich aroma at dusk to attract the nocturnal moths that pollinate it. So intoxicating is this scent, that it has given tuberose a reputation for being narcotic and arousing. In the morning, the fragrance changes to a fresh, green, floral scent.

Moon Bloom is one of those fragrances that doesn’t go through set stages as much as it reveals itself over time. On me, it opens with a gentle green note before the sweet, floral tuberose comes forward. There is a moment where I get a whiff of its mentholated aspect, and that just makes me like it more. As it warms on my skin it gets lushly tropical – I smell coconut, jasmine and banana, from ylang ylang.  There’s a spiciness to it too, a quality of pure tuberose absolute, that adds a wonderful depth to the fragrance. The base is rich, warm and resinous.

The drydown is an opulent, rich and elegant fragrance, so beautifully crafted that it that sparks thoughts of tropical climates, hot nights and sweet, sexy (furtive) encounters – ahh, the tuberose effect!

Notes: tuberose absolute, jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang, coconut aromas, leafy greens, tropical spices and resins.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Hiram Green

Price: $6.00