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Morn to Dusk

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Morn to Dusk doesn’t seem to represent so much a place in Italy, like the other scents in the line, it represents more a feeling through time. Eau d’Italie website describes this soft scent as “A sensual feeling that wraps like a veil of gold, from morning till the sun sets…. Morn to Dusk is the Italian way to Vanilla: simply irresistible.”

And it is irresistible to me. It opens with soft vanilla, vanilla tinged with citrus and white florals, the lime of bergamot, the green floralcy of lily of the valley. It’s a fresh clean vanilla, light and airy, with a quiet energy. And then it becomes silky and smooth and very chic, with a hint of almond and grasses as it deepens into the heart, a slightly sweeter and creamier vanilla but the feeling is soft and controlled. This delicious accord last for a couple of hours and then Morn to Dusk deepens, and in the base the vanilla becomes more woody with hints of amber, feeling languid and more sensual as musk notes turn into skin scents.

Morn to Dusk is a very quiet scent, warm, slightly floral, slightly gourmand, comforting, but with a sensual vibration just below the surface. It’s vanilla from top to bottom but not sweet or foody, and in the hands of Annick Menardo this vanilla note goes through some very subtle but interesting changes as it dries down through the day, creating a sensation of great comfort and ease. Subdued, with low sillage, it’s a delight to wear and enjoy all day from morn to dusk. 

Notes: bergamot, lily of the valley, Bourbon vanilla, cedarwood, musk.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Annick Menardo

Price: $5.00