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Launched in 2010 by Italian niche line Laboratorio Olfattivo, nirmal is that rare thing: a gorgeous fresh iris scent, that’s not dirty and only slightly earthy.  
‘Nirmal’ means ‘clear’ or ‘pure’ in Hindi and the Laboratorio Olfattivo website says that ‘The original idea, transformed then in a fragrance by the Nose, was to create a perfume that was sincere and delicate as a loving caress. A simple and unforgettable perfume at the same time.’
It opens with a brisk, clear note of carrot. It doesn’t smell all vegetal because it’s the iris rhizome aspect that’s on full display here and opens the way for iris and violet. The flowers are fresh and delicate, with the earthy aspects subdued, but the EdP concentration means that they have a real presence.  As it blooms, it gets a little powdery, a little sweet and a little warmer. At the base, I smell cedarwood, just enough to support the flowers, and the smell of sweet suede from amber and Deerskin suede gives it a leathery softness.
Nirmal stays clear and transparent throughout its development and dries down to an extraordinary iris fragrance that stays close to the skin for hours. Could a man wear it? Sure, but only the right man, which makes it more of a feminine fragrance than a unisex one.
Notes: carrot, iris, violet, cedarwood, amber, Deerskin suede
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Rosine Courage

Price: $5.00