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1 ml. decant  = $6.00
Norne is..."luxuriously composed entirely with 100% pure forest absolutes; a connoisseur grade fantasy/surrealist recipe of incensed coniferous woodsy resins inspired by the catharsis of self worship” - from the Slumberhouse website.
In the bottle, Norne is dark dark green, almost black, and very dense. My first impression is incredibly pungent evergreens, the scent of sticky cones crushed underfoot, shiny resinous needles rolled between fingers, scents from my growing-up years on the West Coast, where the forest started at the end of our back yard. Douglas fir, balsam pine, hemlock.
Norne’s smell is intensely sharp, green, and cool in the first couple of minutes, with a hint of camphor that gives it a slight minty vibe. That slight note quickly changes in the next few minutes as green moss adds softness, sweetening the resins with something that smells like new-mown hay, a vegetal sweetness which develops a dried fruit aspect with nutmeg and cloves, reminding me of Serge Lutens as the scent dries down.
The Serge image fades, and in the heart Norne becomes less resinous and more woody, lightly smoked and herbal with bits of spice, but the huge conifers are still the towering stars in Norne.  The powerful scent of their distinctive big-forest resins changes even more with the addition of frankincense, with its distinctive church-mould, temple-incense smoky sweetness which seeps in slowly through the drydown, turning Norne from a tree-lovers holy grail frag to a perfume lover’s gift from heaven.
On my skin after six hours, Norne still smells foresty, of resins and woods, but they are softly sweetened from spices, mosses and incense which in the end, make Norne a comtemplative, almost spiritual, scent.
Everyone interested in niche perfumes should try this exceptional perfume.
Notes:“Fog caked needle, lichen, fern and moss, soices, frankincense.
Type: Perfume oil from absolutes
Parfumeurs: Slumberhouse team

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