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Nose to Nose – The “Warriors of Love” Decant Pack – March 11, 2015

Kay:    You know, I can actually believe Spring is starting now. The changes in the air, the light….and those….urges.

Gwen:   Well, spring is all about new beginnings, new life, and fertility.

Kay:       Yep, it’s all about the courtin’, and then the matin’. But the courting part can be a real battle, especially for guys. They have to be prepared.

Gwen:    As a wise woman once said, love is a battlefield.

Kay:       And the battle to win a lover’s heart puts a guy in the warzone.

Gwen:    No argument there. Men have tried to woo women, and sometimes other men, with perfume, poetry, song, jewelry, food and foot massages for centuries.

Kay:      Ohhh, foot massages…mmm….but I digress. Maybe it’s time for us to step in, and help out in the perfume department.

Gwen:    Keep going….

Kay:       Give guys an edge in the battle for love.

Gwen:    Yeah, let’s give them their own private army of warriors…the “Warriors of Love” Decant Pack.

 Kay:       Four fabulous masculine sexy scents! Who can resist these? First up would be earthy L’Eau Guerriere, which is literally “Warrior Water”!  - for courage. Next would be the aromatic Invasion Barbare, from Parfums MDCI  - for endurance.

Gwen:    Then Land of Warriors - for strength, and finally Victrix…The Victor! We know what that’s for!

Kay:       What? What’s that for?

Gwen:     Well, it’s not for foot massages….


“Warriors of Love” Decant Pack – 4 fabulous 1ml decants,  Regular price $21.00 for $18.00.

 PG20 L'Eau Guerriere“ from Parfumerie Generale is modern, earthy, and raw, an eau infused with dry woods”. The one that is fresh, resinous, woody, earthy, grassy, transparent, musky, and blatantly sexy.

Invasion Barbare from Parfums MDCI. It opens cool - citrus, lavender, a hint of green violet, and transitions into hot - spices, cardamom,  ginger....the warm heart is cedarwood and vanilla, on a bed of musk. Every time I wear this perfume, I fall in love with it all over again – Invasion Barbare, take me, I’m yours!!

Land of Warriors from the Vagabond Prince - It opens fruity, tart and green from angelique seed, violet leaf and blackcurrant leaf. The blackcurrant along with the juniper aspect of angelique seed, set us in the enchanted forest. There is leather is here too, warm and anilmalic. As it evolves, so does the leather. It gets resinous. It gets more masculine. It gets more break-down-the-door-this-is-happening-now.

Victrix from Profumum Roma - A woody aromatic, Victrix opens boldly with green, woody earthy vetiver tempered by rosy, not spicy, pink pepper. Then, aromatic bay leaf comes forward adding an herbal spiciness to the juice and a nod to the horseshoe-shaped laurel leaf crowns the Romans bestowed on successful military commanders during their triumphal marches. Victrix is a conqueror and the best way to handle a conqueror is to succumb to it.

Get your Warrior on, with the "Warriors of  Love Decant Pack.