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Nose-to-Nose – Draw for a bottle of Ipanema Posto Nove by Monsillage – May 16, 2012.

Photo - Monsillage - Ipanema Posto Nove bottle - Joao Bravo

Gwen: You sure smell good. What is that frag you’re wearing?
Kay: Funny – I was just going to ask you the same thing! I’m wearing that lush exotic scent I wrote about on Friday - Ipanema Posto Nove. I just love it!
Gwen: What a co-inky dinky – I’m wearing Dupont Circle - that elegant rose-hearted siren I wrote about in April.
Kay and Gwen, in unison: By Isabelle Michaud at Monsillage!
Kay: She really has a way with scent.
Gwen: Did you know Isabelle attended the ISIPCA School with Octavian Coifan at of 1000 Fragrances fame?

Kay: She’s the real deal all right.
Gwen: Too bad not too many people know about her.
Kay: Well, she hasn’t been on the scene that long. She’s still a young perfume talent
Gwen: With a great career in front of her.
Kay: Say, I have an idea…
Gwen: Another one?

Kay: Hardy har har! You’re quick with the quips today.

Gwen: Why should today be different?
Kay: Here’s my idea. Let's have a draw for a bottle of Monsillage and let some lucky reader discover Isabelle’s frags for themselves.
Gwen: Now that is a great idea! Let’s have a draw for Dupont Circle …
Kay: I was thinking of Ipanema…
Gwen and Kay in unison: Rock paper scissors!
A little while later….

Gwen: OK, you win! I hurt myself on that last go. Ipanema it is.

Kay: Good!

Gwen: And, I must say, it is a winner. I think I need a bottle for myself.
Kay: It is so FBW, but back to the draw. So, here’s the deal. If you want the chance to win a 50 ml bottle of Ipanema by Monsillage, then just email using the contact form OR e-mail us -  telling us why you want to try this frag by midnight May 20th. We’ll pick a name from the entries and announce the winner on Monday’s post.
Gwen: I love it! You do have the best ideas. Can I enter the draw?
Kay: Nope.
Gwen: Can we do rock paper scissors for your bottle?
Kay: Nope. Cause I'm going to be wearing this beauty all summer long.



Woa! I just love it.

Woa! I just love it.