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Nose to Nose – Fragrances We Want Men to Wear – January 15, 2014

Photo - Wikipedia - Oscar statuette - ACMI 2004

Gwen: Have you seen some of the great flicks for this Oscar season?

Kay: Oh, yeah. The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, Dallas Buyer’s Club. Rush,….love, love, love em.

Gwen: Me too, but you know what I notice?

Kay: What’s that?

Gwen: That there is a whole new crop of talented male stars out there.

Kay: Ohhh, you’re so right. They are …awesome….

Gwen: I wonder what they smell like.

Kay: Gwen, they smell like guys.

Gwen: I know that, but I mean, I wonder what kind of fragrance they wear.

Kay: Well, I don’t know what frags they wear, but I know what frags I want them to wear.

Gwen: Oh, I like these kinda games!

Kay: Like, Leonardo di Caprio. His character in The Wolf of Wall Street is driven by pure unfettered ambition and greed. I think he should wear a giant fragrance, one that surrounds him in a thick cloud of uber-machismo! Kouros by Yves St. Laurent is a big strong scent so it would be perfect for Jordan Belfort – woody, hints of florals, spicy and so aromatic -  a huge scent for the guy with the huge cojones……….but it’s also one Leo could wear in real life because it’s such a male classic, and would add a little gravitas.

Gwen: You know, Leonardo di Caprio is one of my favorite actors, but I imagine his character wearing Victrix by Profumum Roma. That bold green, woody opening, the whiff of triumph from laurel leaf  - aromatic, green and gorgeous - it's gutsy and elegant. 

Kay: How about Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper from American Hustle? I smell Christian Bale in Vetiver Extraordinaire by Frederic Malle. His character is big, hairy, but is also oh-so-smart, and a guy with a real heart. Vetiver Extraordinaire is woody and earthy-green – it smells so pure and real, a deep aromatic primeval scent with a faceted vetiver note.

Gwen: How about Mr. Cooper? I'd spritz him with HOMMAGE a l’Homme. the back and forth between the cool violet and the warm woody oud with a woody, slightly sweet, anilmalic and smooth dry-down just seems like him.

Kay: MMM…I smell him in Arsene Lupin Dandy by Guerlain – a scent with a some definite intrigue. It’s an Oriental leather with definite animalic attraction but it also has a soft elegance from the floral/woody accords. A genuine charmer, like Mr. Cooper hisself…..

Gwen : And then there’s Matthew McConaughey. His character in Dallas Buyer’s Club is so different from his real persona. I like to think of him as himself – did you know he’s one of four boys born and raised in Texas? This makes me associate him with Lonestar Memories by Tauer Perfumes. The medicinal camphor note at the start, the smokey smell of  a campfire and then the leathery, earthy and animalic luxury of it. Sigh.   

Kay: Matthew is a good lookin’ guy, who should be wearing Uomo by Lorenzo Villoresi. Oumo – “Man” in Italian – has a bright confident citrus opening which gets  real peppery and spicy, then dries down with aromatic accords of woods and herbs and sexy musk, one of the most gorgeous dry-downs I know of in men’s fragrances. A frag for a great actor and a real guy!

Gwen: Let’s not forget Chris Hemsworth from Rush and Thor.

Kay: Save the best for last! Now there’s a hunk of a guy! I think Thor should wear Jubilation XXV from Amouage, a big rich classic scent in every sense of the word. Incense at it’s very very best – bright and golden. A complex symphony of moss, woods, oud, musk, myrhh, ambergris, with the smell of victory…James Hunt was a winner, so he could have worn it for certain.

Gwen: You know, after seeing Chris Hemsworth in Rush I want to smell him wearing Eau du Fier by Annick Goutal.  It smells of tar and smoke and new car. And while this might not sound appealing, in this frag they are combined in such a way, and with other ingredients, that make it irresistible - like James Hunt was.  

Kay: Say, these scents are full of power, intrigue, smoke and fire! Sizzlin' scents...

Gwen: Right - Oscar worthy, I'd say!