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Nose-to-Nose – Our Greatest Hits Vol. 1 – April 15, 2015

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Gwen: We’re five years old next week!

Kay: That’s decades in blog years. That’s definitely worth celebrating, and we’ve definitely got some great things lined up!

Gwen: Yep, there’s something VERY special that we’ll announce next Monday. You know, Kay, looking at all the stories we’ve written over these past five years, I’m proud of what we’ve done.

Kay: Me too! It’s been a lot of work, and a lot of fun! I’ve been going back through the archives and some of our blog posts are really creative and fun, like your story about LUXE Champaca and your experience with Kamadeva, the Hindu god of human love…

Gwen: And yours about Bois de Violette and the dream with Prince. I love that one. 

Kay: You know what? Walking down memory lane has given me an idea.  Let’s take readers down Perfumeniche memory lane to visit some of our greatest hits. You know, the fragrances people order the over and over again.

Gwen:  I love it! Some fragrances were just meant to go with a great tune, like – ‘Constant Craving’ for Bulgari Black. Now, we’re reaching way back into the Greatest Hits vault for this one. To me, Black is one of the all time great scents. Black smells like no other fragrance, because the first hit smells like smoldering rubber - in a good way. The rubber smell comes from lapsang souchong tea, and a smoky edge softened by rosewood and cedar, with musk and vanilla in the background. Refined, elegant and unique, it’s a super-hit.

And then there’s ‘Can’t Get enough of Your Love’ for 1740 from Histoires de Parfum. This is a bottle of boozy, leathery, ambery, spicy, woody rich happiness. But there’s a lightness to it too and it’s the way the dark and light play off each other never heavy or strong, but smooth, warm and cozy. Designated a masculine, ha! Women love it, too!

And who can forget that classic ‘I feel Love’ for Infusion d’Iris Eau de Parfum Absolue from Prada. It’s cool, rooty, balsamy, slightly sweet and arousing. It gets romantic real fast which is probably why it’s burning up the charts.

Kay:  We’re on a roll….how about “When a Man loves  a Woman”  for Eau Sauvage. That Dior fragrance drives me wild and my husband knows it! Sparkling citrus, herbs, then those grassy florals, and oak moss, and musk….it sure puts me in the mood.

And how about “Living la Vida Loca”” for Habanita from Molinard. There’s a hot Latin frag – full of  sass right from the top – green and woody, then fragrant tobacco which goes smoky, then the heart of spiced fruity jammy florals, and that fabulous base of tonka and vetiver and leather that goes on forever. Mmm, sexy!

And how about ‘Happy”, Pharell’s block-buster hit  last year, for Soleil Liquide from Memoire Liquide? It’s not in the Top Ten sellers, but it should be. Delicious juicy citrus fruits and zest, neroli and orange blossoms, honey and musk, soft on the skin. Soleil Liquide, Liquid Sunshine, sunshine in a bottle…warm and aromatic and memorable.

Gwen: Wow! That’s quite a line-up.  Now we need to start working on our Greatest Hits, Vol. 2!

Kay: Well, let’s offer our readers "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" first…..


You can buy our “Greatest Hits Vol. 1” Pack now, right here, 6 fab 1 ml. frags, regular price $24.00 for $19.99, plus shipping.


“Greatest Hits VoL. 1” Pack - $19.99

Bulgari Black – Constant Craving

1740 – Can’t Get Enough of your Love

Infusion d’Iris Eau de Parfum – I Feel Love

Eau Sauvage – When a Man Loves a Woman

Habanita - Living La Vida Loca

Soleil Liquide – Happy