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Nose-to-Nose – Reading about, talking about….SMELLS. July 29, 2015

Image - Wikipedia - Miss Aura by John Lavery, c.1900

Gwen:       What are you doing, Kay?

Kay:          Reading.

Gwen:       Let me guess – it’s about perfume, right?

Kay:          Yep. If it’s not a blog, it’s a book. Stuff to share with our readers. What I’m reading right now is on a blog, and it’s about a book!

Gwen:       What’s the book?

Kay:          It’s the book by that nice guy in New Jersey who contacted us earlier this week, Allen Barkkhume.

Gwen:       Right!  Allen Barkkhume, the art teacher and author who just published a book on smells, or olfactory phenomena. What’s it called?….I remember, Hidden Scents! He has a blog, too?

Kay:          Yeah, it’s called, and it looks interesting. Worth checking out!

Gwen:       Well, his book sure sounds interesting, to say the least. He said, and I’m quoting now…

”it’s about olfactory phenomena from a neurolinguistic perspective, detailing its wildly complex lexicography, and exploring the interaction of culture, language and sensory experience. My intent with this work is to inform and inspire an audience at the intersection of science and the arts.”

Kay:         So, he’s talking about smelling, smells, and how we talk about smells.  Isn’t that what we do? Sort of? We definitely explore the interaction of language and sensory experience. Describing how perfumes smell to our readers is not an easy task – smell is such a personal and emotional experience and is sometimes, well, just beyond words!

Gwen:      You’re so right about that! Hey, here’s a bit from one of the posts on his blog where he describes his book – listen to this:

“….. Hidden Scents will vaporize you into an aromatic molecule, tickling the brain-fingers in your nose…. Hidden Scents explores our consensual reality, and reveals its inherent ambiguity…. it is a book about the olfactive system, not only of the human but of human culture…. Be warned - you might never smell the same again…” from    

Kay:         So that’s what the tickling sensation is in my nose – brain-fingers!

Gwen:      Hah! I know we share a lot, BFF, especially when it comes to our perfumes, but I think we’re going to have to get two copies of this book, because both of us are going to want to read Hidden Scents at the same time.

Kay:         And then we’ll share what we learn with our readers….   


Or you can purchase your own copy of Hidden Scents now by clicking here.