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Nose-to-Nose – Time to smell the roses - Wednesday August 24, 2011

Photo - Wikipedia - Bouquet of Roses, Paris flower market - by Jebulon

Gwen:    My son’s going off to school next week – in a different city! (Sniff)

Kay:    Well, this sounds like the end of an era, and the beginning of FREEDOM!

Gwen:    Yeah, he’s sure looking forward to finally being on his own, not having to check in with good old Mum and Dad!

Kay:     Hey BFF, I meant YOUR freedom, not his! What are you planning to do with your extra time now that you’ve retired from your full-time MOM job?

Gwen:    Well, I’ll have to manage this transition from Momager to On-Call Mom - note to self: change phone message. But, yeah, I will have more time on my hands. Hmmm – hadn’t seriously thought about that till now. Guess I’ll have time to finish my symphony and work on my memoirs and of course, I’ll now have more time to devote to finding a cure for the common cold……

Kay:     Or slow down and smell the roses...

Gwen:   Oh, I’ve already booked time for that! You know how much I like roses – and their smell.

Kay:       That’s a much better use of time – enjoying rose perfumes. Drill down, dig deeper – seek and you will find!

Gwen:   As a matter of fact, I actually have stumbled across a few  new “roses”  - Diabolo Rose and Rosa Flamenca from Les Parfums de Rosine, Rose Intense….

Kay:    Yeah, and I was nosing around last Sunday and spent some time on the profumo.italia website and blog  - I learned a lot more about natural perfumery, aromatherapy, the history and philosophy of scent, the science of smell. Dominique Durbana, otherwise known as AbdesSalamAttar on his website, is a fascinating guy and from all accounts, he knows whereof he speaks, and makes incredible perfumes. Denyse Beaulieu on Grain de Musc wrote a great post recently about his new scent, Sharif. It seems that the more I learn, the more I want to know.

Gwen:    Does he have a rose perfume?

Kay:    Several – one I recall is Rose Heart with Damascene rose...

Gwen:    Kay, where’s your laptop? – time to get serious about this perfume business. It seems I’ve got some free time.