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Nose-to-Nose – Top Ten Faves for August 2014 – Limited Editions. PLUS - a Draw for a Limited Edition fragrance!

Image - Guerlain L'Heure Bleue 100th Anniversary Limited Edition -

Kay:               You really have a big thing for limited edition fragrances...

Gwen:            Yep.  Can’t stop thinking about them. I dream about them. Can’t stop hunting for them. Can’t stop sniffing them. Will never stop wearing them…

Kay:                And you can’t stop buying them….

Gwen:            And your point is?

Kay:                 Have you considered therapy? You know, like buying a new launch, or another classic, or a vintage?

Gwen:            Ha, ha. Very funny….but Kay, limited editions are a big deal in the niche market.

Kay:                I know, I know. I’ve noticed, though, that a fair number of frags start out as “Limited Editions”, and then end up in the permanent collections. It seems to be a way for the Marketing people to “test the waters” – literally. So the cachet has gotten watered down somewhat, you could say.

Gwen:            Right, YOU could say that. I could say the fact remains many truly great fragrances just disappear – like that fabulous patchouli you wrote about, the one Andy Tauer offered through Kickstarter to fund an indie movie – what was it called?

Kay:                Dark Passage from his Tableau de Parfums range. A spectacular scent, and you’re right about that one. I’m certain it was totally non-IFRA compliant, which is probably why it smelled so amazing. Pure ingredients, and lots of them. I’m so sad it’s gone.

Gwen:            I mourn over L'Atrisan's Iris Pallida. It's extraordinary, expensive, and rare now. Fragrances which are like those two, with such amazing quality and creativity, are living art, IMO. That’s why I always jump at the chance to try a limited edition when I read about them – you never know if, or when, they really will disappear.

Kay:                You’re right BFF. How about we make our TOP TEN Faves for August all Limited Editions, and we’ll also offer a Limited Editions Decant Pack!

Gwen:             Now you’re talkin’!

Kay:                You just wrote about Terracotta Le Parfum from Guerlain. What others would you include in our Top Ten list?

Gwen:            I’m ready! Here goes:

Mandarine - L’Artisan Parfumeur - 2012

Originally launched in 2003 and then discontinued, Mandarine is based on the mandarin orange, and opens with zesty green mandarin. There’s ginger here too, and a jasmine peach accord, then sweet red mandarin and cedarwood It’s the perfect complement to a hot summer’s day.

Six Scents, Series One No. 3 – The Spirit of Woods – Six Scents – 2008

The Spirit of Woods opens fresh and green from green grass and fig leave, then the woody and ctirus notes chime is. Coriander and vetiver, then amber at the base gives it warmth and depth. This is the spirit of the woods – leaves, twigs and sap – so fresh, so woody.

Une Rose Au Bord de la Mer  -  Les Parfums de Rosine – 2010

Une Rose Au Bord de la Mer is a skin scent and the drydown is light, airy and watery but not aquatic or ‘beachy’. It smells like roses growing by the sea - the gentle see breeze wafting over and drying the roses, carrying their scent over warm sand. When I smell it, it fills all my empty spaces.

Jour de Fête  – L’Artisan Parfumeur – 2014

First launched in 2003, Jour de Fête 2014 is built around just three notes - almond, wheat and vanilla, and displays Olivia Giacobetti’s talent for creating sheer, delicate transparent fragrances. The fragrance is ethereal, not light, so that at times it feels as though it has disappeared, but it’s still there, a tender reminder of sweet memories and a harbinger of celebrations to come, that’s just right for spring and summer.

And, of course....

Terracotta Le Parfum  – Guerlain - 2014

The coconut and tiare are a nod to suntan lotions for sure, but have been elevated to such an elegance, they make Terracotta Le Parfum much more than a beach scent. It’s a sophisticated and chic summer scent. It smells indolic and fleshy with floral hints poking through – I just love that! Just for the record, Terracotta Le Parfum is not a parfum, it’s an eau de Toilette...A glorious summer scent.

Kay:                And here’re my choices:

Côte d’Amour, L’Artisan Parfumeur, 2009

I came close to tears the first time I gave this a sniff because it totally captures the smell of my seashores – the cool-salty-water green-algae dry-rocks-sand-mineral herbal-brown-kelp-driftwood sand-dune-vegetal-grassy-floral tidal-pool coastal smell that is hard-wired in my brain. It’s just gorgeous!

Musc Tonkin – Parfum d’Empire, 2013 – A fabulous, unusual musk! A lick of salt for the taste of skin. A heady floral whiff to remind us that perfume links our bodies to the erotic spells of nature. Musc Tonkin is exceptional…it feels open, sexy, and tender.

Outside, CB I Hate Perfume – 2103

Outside is unusual –It smells wonderful and it’s also a really effective mosquito repellant. Christopher Brosius made this for himself, then his friends demanded he make it available to everyone. The soft herbal scent, which has a nice contained sillage and is void of any floral sweetness, really does last for several hours, and so does the bug protection. No swarms, no bites for the two hours I was outside on the deck this past evening.

Bronze Goddess – Estee Lauder  - 2013

It’s the smell of the tropics, the smell of the perfect vacation in a tropical resort. Then it settles down into the most perfect version of warm beachy ambery musky skin, with hints of rooty iris and woods - hot and sexy, but cool and sophisticated.

Violette in Love – Nicolaï Parfums – 2009

This perfect floral takes the green and purple of the violet and mixes in other colours,like yellow and orange from citrus, making the palette much brighter and vibrant. I’ll wear Violette in Love when I want to feel younger – cool and slightly flirty.

Gwen:           Now what about the Decant Pack? We’ll pick four, OK?

Kay:              How about four that work with hot summer weather?

Gwen:           How’d you know I was thinking that?

Kay:               I didn’t. You’ve just totally re-ignited my curiosity about Limited Edition frags, so I really want to try some  - like right NOW!

Gwen:            Ohhh, good plan! Well, maybe our readers are burning up with curiosity. Now they can try some, too! Here it is:


Limited Edition Decant Pack – Four Limited Edition fragrances for $14.00 + Shipping and Handling, Regular price $17.00.

 Jour De Fête  -L’Artisan Parfumeur – 2014

Terracotta Le Parfum – Guerlain - 2014

Côte d’Amour – L’Artisan Parfumeur - 2009

Outside – CB I Hate Perfume  - 2013


Gwen:            You know, we should share the limited edition love.

Kay:                You mean with a draw?

Gwen:            Yep. The wonderful Valerie Neil at the Guerlain boutique in Toronto has generously donated a 100ml. bottle of Terracotta Le Parfum to us for a draw.

Kay:                She is a gem! So, let’s say that readers should email us their reasons for wanting to win this limited edition fragrance by midnight Tuesday, August 5th. We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday August 6th.

Gwen:            And, remember that the draw is open to all our readers, if their country is on our shipping list.

Kay:                But, as usual, the winner will be responsible for any local costs at their end - like customs, duties or taxes related to shipping of their prize.