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Nose-to-Nose – We take requests - Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photo - Wikipedia - Women working at a Bell Systems switchboard in the 1940's

Kay: Have you read some of the emails we've gotten lately?
Gwen: You mean the ones for booty calls and lottery winnings?
Kay: You get emails for booty calls?
Gwen: You don't?
Kay: Spam doesn't count. I mean ones from real people wanting to know if we have certain fragrances.
Gwen: Oh yeah - those ones. They're a bit of a challenge because we don't sell decants of a frag until we post a blog about it. Like, we own bottles of Amourage Gold, Fils de Dieu du Riz et des Agrumes.... and El Attarine - but they aren't listed because we just haven't written about them yet.
Kay: And we have Feminité de Bois and Vepres Siciliennes and Sideris and ...
Gwen: We just haven't written about them yet.
Kay: That's right - cuz sometimes we go by season, or launch date, or note or....
Gwen: How we feel that day.
Kay: Exactly! But some people just want frags we haven't listed yet, and they want us to hurry up and write about what they want to buy or try.
Gwen: [sigh] I know, but you can't rush the kind of quality work we do here at the niche. Wait a minute. Say, pal, that gives me an idea.
Kay: I'm listening...
Gwen: Why don't we do a request post?
Kay: A what???
Gwen: A request post. Get people to email the names of the frags they want us to write about and then for the next month, we'll write about those frags, as long as we own them.
Kay: And we'll get some good ideas as to what our readers want us to buy and offer.
Gwen: That's what I call a win/win.
Kay: I like your idea. I like winners.
Gwen: So, here's a "shout out" to our readers - let us know the frags you want us to write about and we'll post a blog and add them to the decant offering...if we own them.
Kay: They can just email us their requests through the website by clicking here. I'm excited.
Gwen: Me too.
Kay: Say, I didn't know you had El Attarine.
Gwen: Well, you know, a little mystery adds interest to any relationship.
Kay: Yeah, well what else have you got in your snood?
Gwen: Maybe you should send in an email request and find out!

Kay: Oh, Jeez......

For the next month, we'll be taking requests. If we have it, we'll write about it, and list it. So... send in your requests...until October 12, 2012.