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Nose-to-Nose - Our Top Ten Faves for June’s Fabulous Fathers – May 28, 2014

Photo - Wikimedia Commons - Cast of  "Father Knows Best" 1950's TV show

Kay:            Our granddaughter had the honour of delivering incredibly exciting news on the weekend.

Gwen:        And what was that exciting news?

Kay:            She and her sister are going to have another sibling in November, and SHE’S going to be the official diaper-changer, and her younger sister will be the cradle-rocker.

Gwen:          Congratulations, Kay! How wonderful! And how sweet – they have no idea what they are getting themselves in for!

Kay:            Well, their 7 and 3 year-old intentions are very sincere, but Daddy will be doing most of their chores, I’m sure. He’ll let them help. My son is such a great father, just like his own Dad.

Gwen:          Yeah, my husband is a great Dad, too. There’s a lot more to it than you think which makes me realize just how much great fathers are often under-appreciated and under-acknowledged, because they’re usually the kind of guys who don’t demand attention and accolades. They just get the jobs done, and make it fun for everyone in the process. We need to give them some love!

Kay:            Like remember them on Fathers’ Day? And not just by tossing a drugstore card, a bag of cheese popcorn, and the remote at them, and saying “Enjoy your day…”?

Gwen:        Right. I think Fabulous Fathers, even if they are our sons, uncles, cousins or nephews, should be honoured with our time, loving thoughts and attention.  And some fabulous frags.

Kay:            I knew it! I knew you would get to the frags! Well, of course we want them to smell great while we’re being attentive!. Just which frags do you have in mind for Fabulous Fathers?

Gwen:        I’d have to start with the memory of my own grandfather and Tabacco by Odori would be the scent for him.  He was an avid reader, gardener and a great story teller. And he loved an after dinner cigar. Tabacco smells thick, deep and rich with a freshness that camphorous eucalyptus gives it. The tobacco isn’t harsh but aromatic and warm, its honey aspect heightened and sweetened by vanilla and given depth by oakmoss. When I smell it, I am home and in his arms.

Kay:            I don’t really remember my grandfather but from the pictures taken when he was in his prime he was movie-star material! I can imagine him wearing something like Declaration by Cartier. It’s loaded with good taste and elegance, and seems simple at first, but right after the first spritz there’s a complexity that is pure genius. From citrus through spice to woods, ending with warm skin-scent, Déclaration smells expensive and smart. As Cartier says “A fragrance for a man who knows what he wants, and knows what he feels”.

Gwen:        Sounds like a George Clooney type! For my own father, it’s Lonestar Memories by Andy Tauer. The smoky/leather accord that’s outdoorsy, but not wild, and the gorgeous earthiness from myrhh and vetiver along with a slight sweetness from tonka. It’s the smell of my father’s flannel shirt after a bonfire – sweat, wood and leaves, earth, smoke and whiffs of lighter fluid on the leather work gloves he’s wearing. Sweet memories prompted by design, by Andy Tauer.

Kay:            Such beautiful memories. My Dad was also a great story-teller, like your grandfather, so for him I’d choose Spirit of the Glen from D.S. & Durga It was inspired by the legendary Glenlivet whiskey, but it tells its own story of the Scottish Highlands. Woody, spicy, mossy, earthy – the smell of the mountains, the cold rivers, the damp earth, the misty air, the sweet caramel hint of fine whiskey. If a Dad wears Spirit of the Glen, he won’t smell like whiskey, but he might smell like he has a fascinating story to tell. For me, it conjures up big strong men in kilts!  

Gwen:        Hmmm, kilts…I go for tuxedos.  I have a favourite uncle, a car aficionado who looks great in a tux! Eau du Fier by Annick Goutal always reminds me of him. The opening is tar and citrus – what a calling card! As it mellows, it gets smoky and leathery. Osmanthus gives it a floral/fruity aspect and a bit of sweetness . It dries down to a beautiful soft, refined scent, like the inside of  vintage Jaguar.

Kay:            Then there’s my cousin, the artist, also a good father. He’s never followed the beaten path, so for him I’ll choose Bull’s Blood by Imaginary Authors. It’s a leathery scent, too, full of drama, with  smelly twists and turns -  blood, dirt, herbs, spice, flowers, animals, warm skin, amber, woods. Bull’s Blood has an artistic weirdness that could be challenging, but it seems made-to-order for him, and any other guy who follows his own drummer, or would like to.

Gwen:        To each his own, especially when it comes to scents. Now for my husband, who is without question a fabulous father, I’d go with New York by Nicolai. It’s a beautiful balance between sweetness and smokiness while being complex, rich and elegant. It’s never loud, but has a strong urbane, adventurous presence, just like he does.

Kay:            I’m choosing the luxurious Creation-E pour Homme by Roja Dove for my husband. Boozy notes of vanilla and cognac, herbal notes of tobacco and patchouli, smoky woody notes of benzoin and sandalwood, and smooth sensuous ambergris! It’s definitely confident, especially in the opening stages, but there’s also a gentleness to this scent in the heart and the lingering base notes - a rich soft spicy sensual radiant warmth. I’m like a moth to a flame with this one! It personifies him.

Gwen:        What about your son? The father of almost three?

Kay:            Hmmm. Better be careful here – I think three’s the limit. How about a gourmand? I know...New Haarlem from Bond No.9 - bergamot, green leaves, coffee, cedar-wood, lavender, vanilla, amber and patchouli, it’s one of the best gourmand scents around. I love the story behind it – Maurice Roucel was inspired by his love of jazz - dark smoky jazz clubs, black coffee, dark rum, so he created a rich, intoxicating aroma that has a hint of coffee with an herbal twist, and dries down into a laid-back woody skin-scent. It’s a warm and comforting Dad scent - perfect for reading bed-time stories.

Gwen:        He'll love it. Well for my son, it's going to be Dirty English. Pungent, piney, woody, and irresistible, Dirty English has a resinous, animalic  swagger that totally suits him. In fact, it puts the animal in animalic.

Kay:            Hold on a sec – your son isn’t a father yet!

Gwen:        No, but if he keeps wearing Dirty English, it’s only a matter of time.

Kay:           Well, just don't make the mistake I made when I gave my son fragrance last Christmas -  make certain you include a Full Disclosure with the bottle.


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