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Nose-to-Nose - Like a Secret Santa - our "Scents of Season 2.0" Pack


Photo - Wikipedia - Elf (deranged) tree ornament

Kay: Wow, the niche looks like it's been ravaged by a deranged Christmas elf! 

Gwen: Uh, yeah, that little elf would be ME! I've been wrapping, labelling, boxing and shipping Christmas gifts to friends and family overseas and across the country for over a week now.

Kay: Whoa – it’s only the beginning of November! I don’t think about the holidays until the snow flies. In fact, I hate seeing Christmas decorations going up in stores the day right after Hallowe’en!

Gwen: I agree, BFF.  November 1 is definitely too early for me to get my decorations up. But,  if  my faraway friends and family are going to receive their goodies in time for the Holidays, I have to get them in the air sooner rather than later…like NOW!.

Kay: Hmmm. So with that little urgent fact in mind, I guess we should be telling everyone about our “Scents of Season” Holiday pack – the new version, that is! The one with the fabulous niche scents from our 2013 line-up, “Scents of Season 2.0” ……

Gwen: I think so! How about if I start?

Kay: Be my guest, dear friend! I’ll wager you’re going to start with…

Gwen: Myrrh, one of my favourite seasonal scents! Myrrhiad from Parfumerie Generale, to be precise! Sharp and bitter, myrrh is right up at the opening and stays throughout as its different facets are highlighted. Soon it’s sweetened with amber and warm, rich vanilla which coax sweetness out of the myrhh while a note of unsweetened licorice, which is bitter and intense, gently underscores the bitter myrhh and contrasts with the sweetness of the vanilla. Balsam, which like myrrh is an oleoresin, highlights its woody aspect.

Kay: Oohhh, great start!  Do you know what I'm going to add to that? L’Ambre des Merveilles by Hèrmes.  The legendary sensuous amber note. It’s an incredibly warm, intimate scent with faint sweetness, hints of salt, woods, and leather, hints of vanilla and tobacco AND…it owns a superb sillage. Diffused, light as a cloud, a perfect fragrance for male or female to wear anywhere anytime and quietly leave a soft trail in their wake. The perfect cure for grey winter days.

Gwen: Hey, good pick! You really know how to gift pack! Know what I think it needs now? A walk in the woods, so I'm adding Harricana by Monsillage to the pack. Harricana smells exactly like a walk in the primeval woods. It smells of nature – green, woodsy and animalic – but nature tamed – refined, sophisticated and polished. It stays close to the skin, like a second luxurious skin. And I love the bottle with the fur-trimmed cap!

Kay: And we’ll end with Marni by the Italian fashion designer Marni. It’s a fragrant woody scent with warmth and darkness, but soft and restrained on the skin. From crisp green fruit through natural spicy florals to woods and herbs softened with incense and musk, Marni  travels it own path and ends up smelling very expensive, smart, sexy, and intelligent. Great combo.

Gwen: Wow. I’ll say it’s a great combo – all four of them. You know what I like about this pack?

Kay: What do you like most? The fact that we're letting people know in plenty of time for them to order and send as a Holiday gift, OR the fact that they can have us gift wrap “Scents of Season 2.0” and mail it directly to their lucky friend or loved one....

Gwen: The second part is the one I love – the doing-the-work-for-me part. Much less work for the Holidays! And it’s almost like a Secret Santa! It’s a real unexpected surprise, until the lucky recipient opens the mysterious perfumeniche.envelope and reads the note we’ve enclosed with their “ Scents of Season 2.0” pack….”A scented gift for you from YOUR NAME.”

Kay: I love surprises, especially perfume surprises!

Gwen: Me too! I’m really looking forward to the Holidays.

Kay: Of course you are - you’ve got most of your work already done.

Gwen: Mmmm….more time to smell per-fumes…………….!


Scents of Season 2.0 Pack

Four fabulous niche scents to give or send to those you love for the Holidays.

Four 1 ml. decants for $14.00, regular $16.00.

The pack includes:

Myrrhiad by Parfumerie Générale .

L’Ambre des Merveilles by Hermes

Harricana by Monsillage

Marni by Marni


If you wish us to mail it for you:

Just add note when you place your order  “Gift Wrap, please”, and enter the recipient’s address as your Shipping Address. We will enclose a card with the gift pack which says..."A scented gift for you from YOUR NAME.”