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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther


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New in niche


I recently discovered niche line Oriza L. Legrand when someone mentioned the brand on’s Fragrance board. A quick search led me to their home page, and the discovery of a very well-priced sample kit. A few weeks later, the samples arrived, and my, are they lovely! Chypre Mousse and Relique d’Amour were particular favourites, but to be honest, there wasn’t a stinker in the bunch. The bottles themselves have a lovely art deco look to them that would make them pretty additions to your vanity too. Well worth checking out! 


Vintage appeal

Fun with perfume ads: Check out Yesterday’s Perfume for a series of funny and occasionally horrifying  posts (Love’s Baby Soft, I’m looking at you!) featuring perfume ads of the past. 


Deals, deals, deals

The terrific blog NowSmellThis is running a “freebiemeet” for people to give away unloved fragrances, and will be running a swapmeet in March for folks to trade frags. It’s a great idea, but you must already have an active reader account to participate. If you’re interested in taking part in the swapmeet but aren’t a member, I’d suggest signing up, signing in and commenting on a thread now, so that you’ll qualify for the fun when it comes around in March.


Nosing around

Hermes has announced that nose Jean Claude Ellena will be succeeded  by Christine Nagel, creator of many Jo Malone scents, as well as a lengthy list of other designer fragrances. See her talking about the creation of last year’s Giorgio Armani Si here. 


Makes me want to try it

As frequent readers know, I’m a sucker for lists, and now is the time when a number of blogs do their lists of Top 10 winter perfumes. Check out Bois de Jasmin, Grain de Musc, Now Smell This, Perfume Posse and The Non-Blonde.


Just because

Yup, it’s ridiculous. But it made me laugh.