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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther

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New in niche

Byredo has a new fragrance out, inspired by an imagined Indian wedding ceremony. Called Flowerhead, the notes include angelica seeds, cranberries, lemon, sambac jasmine, green notes, rose petals, tuberose, suede and ambergris.

Interested in sampling other Byredo scents? Gwen and Kay have M/Mink  and Fantastic Man on offer. 

Vintage appeal

Here’s a bit of fun: a vintage Vogue ad for Bou-K-Bra, a bra with a hidden pocket for a “scent-petal.”  

Deals, deals, deals

We’re coming up to Valentine’s Day, and odds are most online perfume sellers will be offering Valentine-themed discounts on their wares. Sign up for their e-newsletters to get notice of what you might be able to score for your favourite Valentine—even if that Valentine is yourself. 

Nosing around

The nose behind the Kerosene line (see below in "Makes me want to try it") is self-trained perfumer John Pegg. Read about his journey from You Tube perfume critic to running his own perfume line on Memory of Scent. 

Makes me want to try it

I’ve been intrigued by Kerosene perfumes lately. Their funky packaging appeals to my indie sensibility. The fact that the nose behind the ‘fumes is owner John Pegg, a former You Tube fragrance reviewer and self-trained perfumer is also interesting. And then there are the reviews. Olfactoria’s Travels loves Copper Skies, an amber frag. Now Smell This reviewer Kevin liked Pretty Machine, a linden-infused scent. Ca Fleure Bon lauded Unknown Pleasures. And now I see they have a new scent out, Black Vines, focused on licorice. I think I’m going to have to track this line down, and start sniffing my way through their offerings! 

Just because

Some of my favourite Valentines—unusual animal friendships.