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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther

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New in niche

I finally got my hands on two perfumes I’ve been hearing great things about: Milano Caffé and Giardini Segreti by AbdesSalaam Attar, (birth name Dominque Dubrana), the nose and creative force behind the 100% natural online company, La Via del Profumo. Donna on PerfumeSmellinThings  praised both to the moon, as did Elena on PerfumeShrine and Milano Caffé showed up on Denyse’s list of top frags for 2013 on GraindeMusc and on Portia’s list of the best of 2013 on PerfumePosse. Denyse called Caffé a “dark ambery potion” and I’d have to agree: chocolate, coffee and a hint of cigarette smoke make this a divinely rich fragrance, and sings the praises of Giardini Segreti and its lovely mix of rose, myrrh, milk and ambergris. I’ve purchased three La Via del Profumo fragrances, and never been disappointed. If you’re interested in trying one, check out Mecca Balsam, which Kay and Gwen have on offer. 

Vintage appeal

Here’s some exciting news: The classic house Le Galion is being relaunched as Le Galion by Elisabeth de Feydeau. de Feydeau is awell-known perfume expert and author of The Scented Palace. I’m fortunate to own two 1960s versions of Le Galion classics, Tubereuse and Sortilege. Both were originally created by Paul Vacher, the nose behind Lanvin perfumes Arpege, Rumeur and Scandal and Dior’s Diorling and Miss Dior. Tubereuse is a particular favourite of mine, a just incredible soliflore, heralded by many as a lost great. The line looks like it’s being relaunched with skill and integrity—check out the website--and I can’t wait to sniff the modern versions of the scents.

Deals, deals, deals

Have you been itching to buy a bottle of something from Maison Francis Kurkdjian? If so, you might want to head to Until March 28, any purchase of $200 worth of Kurkdjian frags will net you a $58 sample pack of all of his scents—17 decants of 0.7 ml each. No coupon code necessary, according to the offer email.

Nosing around

Daniella Andrier is the nose behind Prada Candy, Maison Martin Margiela Untitled and a long list of other fantastic ‘fumes (see the full list on NowSmellThis). Check out this video with her, including her childhood obsession with scent that led to an unfortunate coffee bean incident… 

And check out Martin Margiela Untitled—Gwen and Kay have it on offer. 

Makes me want to try it

On a coffee note, I’m also looking forward to trying Providence Perfume’s Samarinda, in part because of this enthusiastic review on PerfumeShrine. 

Just because

These incredible photographs look like perfumes come to life to me.