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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther

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New in niche

Chandler Burr’s Untitled Series has moved over to Luckyscent.  Originally offered through OpenSky, the series now has a home with the online fragrance retailer. The premise: each month Burr selects a fragrance and it is sent out to those who order in unmarked lab bottles (30 ml and 50 ml). A limited number are produced and available. Burr will write an assessment of the fragrance at launch, and at the three-week mark, he’ll write a “reveal” for each, including the perfume’s name, nose and other details. The idea is to experience the fragrance free of the marketing hype and “see things with fresh eyes.” 

 I’m not sure how I feel about Burr’s project. I like the idea of the mystery…but at the same time, my experience of smelling is enriched by reading about a perfume and the ideas behind it. Do I get sucked into the hype? Probably, sometimes. But I’m okay with that. ;)

Vintage appeal

Vintage perfume, old movies…a match made in heaven! Check out this post by Barbara Herman on Yesterday’s Perfume about the classic movie Harold and Maude, and the “odorific” machine featured in the movie. Some fun stuff here—especially the connection to Christopher Brosius’s fragrances. 

Want to check out some Brosius frags? Gwen and Kay have Black March (a fave of mine), 2nd CummingWild Pansy, Violet Empire and Outside on offer.

Deals, deals, deals

Czech & Speake is offering a free 15 ml Oxford and Cambridge EDT worth over 20 pounds with each purchase over 50 pounds.

Nosing around

While Chandler Burr isn’t a nose, he knows a lot about the nose. The author of The Emperor of Scent and The Perfect Scent, Burr has become a leading writer about perfume. Here’s his Ultimate Perfume Guide, as originally published in O magazine. 

Makes me want to try it

I’ll try anything in the Frederic Malle line, but Denyse Beaulieu’s positive review of his latest release, Eau de Magnolia by Carlos Benaim, has me itching for a sniff. 

Just because

A lovely short film about a little girl’s love for her brother Teddy. It will make your day more magical.