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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, March 25, 2015



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New in niche

Bright, shining citruses, naturally green spices and florals, warm natural wood notes and sheer synthetic ones, and an underpinning of smoky animalic notes- all of which somehow lock together to form something bright, surprisingly light, and cheerfully uncategorizable.”  Who can resist a description like that, especially when, perhaps, one has spent the last week shovelling oneself out from under one $*#^ing snowstorm after another? That’s the description of O/E Eau de Parfum by Bogue Profumo, available from Luckyscent. Yes, I will be ordering a sample!

Vintage appeal 

For obvious reasons (see the photo of my front porch where last week’s post was supposed to be), I’m pining for summer. While snowed in, I decided to sort through my fragrance cabinet and unearthed a bottle of Monsieur Balmain: lemony, summery delight! And a bargain to boot: you can often find it for under $50 online. Or you can order a decant from Gwen and Kay!

Deals, deals, deals

Check out Scent Trunk, a new online shop and monthly fragrance service for men, available in Canada and the US. For $15/month, subscribers get a customized set of scent samples, and can also purchase full bottles from the site’s online Shoppe. Read the story behind the site on Basenotes

Nosing around

The nose behind the original Monsieur Balmain is Germaine Cellier, a fragrance innovator and fascinating personality. Read more about her on Perfumeshrine.  Gwen and Kay have two other Cellier creations available as well: Jolie Madame and Fracas. 

Makes me want to try it

A friend just posted photos on Facebook from her trip to Venice—she was just off to the market to get fresh food for supper—and I was overcome with I’m-buried-in-snow-and-my-friend-is-in-Venice jealousy. To distract myself, I headed to the Santa Maria Novella website—this ancient pharmacy and perfume house is headquartered in Florence—to browse their fragrances and imagine myself in Florence. I’m going to ask my pal to pick up a sample of SMN’s Calicantus for me, a fragrance based on the calycanthus shrub which flowers in mid-winter, “as if to announce the coming spring.”  I could use a whiff of spring right about now!

Just because

The Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, Canada, has an Amorphophallus titanum or Corpse Flower that is almost ready to bloom. They’ve named her Putrella, for obvious reasons. Search for them on Facebook (enter Muttart Conservatory in the search bar) and you’ll find photos of the giant and pungent beauty!