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Nose-to-nose: Sniffing out news with Esther, November 4, 2015

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New in niche

Zoologist has launched their latest ‘fume: Hummingbird,  with top notes of apple, cherry, citrus, lilac, muguet, plum, rose and violet leaf; hear notes of honey, honeysuckle, mimosa, peony, tulip and ylang; and base notes of amber, coumarin, cream, moss, musks, sandalwood and white woods. Described on the Zoologist site as a “diaphanous scent” that alights in a pastel bouquet and finishes with a “velvety whipped cream meld(ing) the tantalizing notes,” the fragrance was created by nose Shelley Waddington of En Voyage Perfumes. In an interview on the site, she describes the perfume this way: “Like her namesake, she’s cheeky and charming. And she drinks tons of nectars - honeysuckle, mimosa, pear and honey. We’ve given her a cozy little moss nest adorned with pretty things, and a soft blanket of musk and sandalwood to keep her warm and comfy.” Sounds delightful!

Interested in trying another Zoologist scent? Gwen and Kay have Zoologist Beaver.

Vintage appeal

Lovers of vintage perfumes will likely find another of Shelley Waddington’s creations appealing: Zelda, a “neo-oriental” named for Zelda Fitzgerald. It’s a sure compliment-generator, with spicy top notes, creamy magnolia in the heart and smoky amber, vanilla and balsams in the base. Delicious!

Deals, deals, deals

I’m a sucker for a limited edition perfume, and when it comes with a 10-piece sample pack gift with purchase…well, like I said, sign me up! has the latest offering from Hiram Green Perfumes on offer: Voyage. This oriental frag promises “a dense ochre haze” opening, top notes of candied tart citrus, a soft purr of amber and “elegant grey tanned” leather and a vanilla “so concentrated its sweetness is almost bitter.” Ok, I’m tantalized. Limited to 250 bottles worldwide, plus each purchase comes with a 10-piece custom sample pack of your choosing—all for $165 US for a 50 ml bottle of EDP. 

Interested in other Hiram Green scents? Gwen and Kay have Moon Bloom on offer. 

Nosing around

Interested in finding out more about Shelley Waddington? Check out this video interview.

Makes me want to try it

If I were smart, I’d put this on my Christmas list and get someone else to buy it for me, but I’m too impatient so will likely order it myself: Folio Columns 2003-2014, Luca Turin’s latest book offering, a collection of his columns from Swiss magazine NZZ Folio. But maybe you have more patience—and will order yours from Santa! 

Just because

Canada got a new Prime Minister today, and one of the most charming moments of the ceremony was this one: two Inuit girls throat-singing. And giggling.