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Nose - to Nose - Where to Get Scent Samples Really Cheap… Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scene: Gwen is sitting at a computer. Kay enters the room.

Kay: What are you doing?

Gwen: Looking for cheap thrills.

Kay: Huh?

Gwen: There are some great scent deals online and I am taking advantage of them.

Kay: Like what?

Gwen: Well, Ineke offers a deluxe sample set of 7 fragrances for $25 but you get a gift certificate for $25 off purchase of full bottle. Samples are 1.5 ml and beautifully packaged.

Kay: Wow! That is a great deal. Move over…I have one. Parfum d'Empire offers a sample set of 12 frags at 2 ml. each for 16 euros

Gwen: Lemme see. Oh yeah, that’s a good one.

Kay: Say, this is fun. Got anything else?

Gwen: At Les Nez you can get 4 samples for $17.50. The samples are 2.5 ml samples each.

Kay: Does that include Manoumalia?

Gwen: It sure does. And here’s another deal.

Kay: Show me.

Gwen: Well, you know Denyse over at Grain de Musc?

Kay: Sure do – she’s terrific.

Gwen: Well, last week she posted her summer favaourites and Pur Desir Orange Blossom Eau de Toilette by Yves Rocher was on it. And here it is on sale on their web site for $18.00.

Kay: Oh look, look…if you get the total up to $22 and you get free shipping and free gifts and you can buy perfume minis for $5.00!

Gwen: And, my favourite – Petit Livre des Parfums from Serge Lutens.

Kay: Oh, yeah, the six folders of six wax samples of most of the Exclusive fragrances that you get free when you write them a ‘nice note’.

Gwen: The ‘nice note’ part always makes me chuckle. Well we are really racking up the deals. Say, I wonder if anyone else out there has any great places they get samples cheap?

Kay: I’m sure they do. Hey, that gives me an idea. Let’s have a draw.

Gwen: I love draws! What’s your idea for this one?

Kay: Well, in the spirit of sharing good leads for getting scent samples really cheap, let’s ask readers to put any websites that offer scent samples or frags  in the comment section of this post, then we’ll enter their name in a draw for a Petit Livre des Parfums from Serge Lutens.

Gwen: Sounds like fun. When will we draw the winning name?

Kay: Tuesday August 16, at 5:00 pm our time. We’ll announce the winner in next week’s Nose-to-Nose post.

Gwen: I love getting good stuff cheap…..

Kay: Me too.


At Ormonde Jayne you get a

At Ormonde Jayne you get a 10ml. travel size of a promo scent. The promo scent changes each month.

I have quite a collection!

Oh, me me!

There are some Serges I have never smelled!

Speaking of perfume deals, have you tried Google product search?

It ranks by cheapest price. Unfortunately, most are in the US, and the duty is killer!

Cheap thrills!

There's a great deal on samples at Czech & Speake.

Am I entered in the contest?

Re: Cheap thrills!

I just checked out the link - thanks for sharing!
Your name is in the draw!