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Nose-to-Nose - A whole new world of smell - March 12, 2014

Photo - Wikimedia Commons - Roméo et Juliette - Frank Dicksee, 1894

Kay:       What a beautiful day yesterday. And it's Spring Break week! I feel great! Hey, I loved your Monday post about introducing your guy friend at that bar gathering to a whole new world of smell! He jumped in feet first!

Gwen:    More like nose first! Well, he was pretty open-minded. You, know, we really bonded over perfume that night. I think I have a new fragrance friend! Especially when it dawned on him that jumping into the niche world is an opportunity to have some sniffing fun with his new girlfriend.

Kay:       Did you tell him about our Decant Packs? We've got some great packs that are perfect for having fun! And it IS almost Spring...nudge nudge wink wink...

Gwen:    I didn't even think of mentioning our Decant Packs. Guess I was too busy tweaking his nose with Le Maroc pour elle.  But you're absolutely right, Kay. The "I'll have what She's Having" pack with  Muscs Koublaï Khan, Musc Nomade, Absolue pour le Soir,  and the 'I'll have what He's Having" pack with Dirty English, Fougère Bengale and the Third Man.those are truly niche scents that have some delicious skanky sexy attitude.

Kay:       They work for me! And how about the “Mad Men Style “ pack? We put a lot of thought into that special pack – it’s got a mix of leather and rubber and booze and roses that can go both ways – true unisex scents that work great on men and women, like Vamp à NY,
   Bulgari Black, Vive L’Empéreur, and Méchant Loup.

Gwen:    And the “Patchouli Lovefest “Pack – that has some real swooners!  Like Borneo 1834, Elixir Patchouli, Patchouli Patch, Portrait of a Lady – those scents unleash the seductive nature of real patchouli - dark, dank, rich, intense, woody, earthy, rooty… !

Kay:       OK, OK – I get the picture! I think I’m going to have to get that pack for myself.

Gwen:    Well, as you said - it is Spring – almost. Well, I gotta go – see ya later!

Kay:       Where’re you going?

Gwen:    I have to e-mail my new best male fragrance friend and tell him to watch for a package in the mail….and warn him to rest up. He’s gonna be soooo busy sniffing…… first.

Check out our very special Decant Packs to celebrate spring:

“I’ll have what She’s Having” Pack – 3 decants for $13.00.

“I’ll Have what He’s Having” Pack – 3 decants for $11.00

“Mad Men Style” Pack – 4 decants for $14.00

“Patchouli Lovefest” Pack – 4 decants for $12.00