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Nose-to-Nose - "Winter's End" Decant Pack - February 19, 2014


Photo: - Snow Death - February 2014

We have a contest! We are giving away a 100 ml. bottle of the beautiful, brand new, impossible to fund, magnificent Magnolia Grandiflora Michel, courtesy of Grandiflora Fragrance.

All you have to do is send us an e-mail about why you love white floral scents, and your name will be thrown in the hat for a draw on Feb 28, 2014. Just click here or on "Contact Us" above, to send your message. 

Note: The winner will be responsible for the payment of any local customs, duties or taxes related to the shipping of this perfume.

Now, read on.....

Kay: The grumbling has started…....

Gwen: Come to think of it, I have been hearing a rumbling sound lately..

Kay : That's the sound of people who are tired of winter. People like me!

Gwen: Really? You’re tired of winter already? It’s only February! I don't get it. Winter is my favourite season, I love winter. Are you sure that grumbling doesn't have to do with Olympics fatigue?

Kay: Nope. People are fed up with the cold, the snow, the ice, the cold, the snow, the ice, the cold... I think you, dear friend, are entirely alone in your love for winter.

Gwen: I am? Come to think of it, I was the only person on the street this morning when I went for milk.

Kay Yeah, I saw you snowshoeing past our house. I was surprised you didn’t have your dog-team out, too. ..LOL. Didn’t you hear me moaning and groaning as you passed by? I want spring to come NOW.

Gwen: I guess that collective rumbling sound I’m hearing is just the sound of seasonal discontent – the sound of winter fatigue! Hey, BFF, the key to getting through winter is not to feel boxed in by it! For example, this past weekend I poured through seed catalogues and planned my garden, went window shopping on-line for spring clothes, and spritzed myself with a couple of my favourite spring frags!

Kay: Oohhh, spring perfumes – those might make me feel better! Which ones did you wear?

Gwen: I wore Folavril on Saturday. You know, Annick Goutal is the queen of floral scents and Folavril is perfect for the winter blahs – that rich tropical mango opening, followed by jasmine and the notes of raspberry and violet tempered by the spicy green, vegetal tang of tomato leaf makes me say “Snow? What snow?”

On Sunday I wore L’eau Chic from Parfums de Nicolaï. Green, sharp Bourbon geranium is there right at the start its minty aspect tamed by aromatic lavender. Sandalwood adds a woody note, and sweet Roman chamomile gives it a slight fruitiness and iris rounds it out with a floral note. Clove and pimiento add warmth, and animalic white musk at the end adds a lot of ‘ooh-la-la’! Honestly, nothing takes the frump out of winter like L’eau Chic.

Kay: Gwen, you’re brilliant! I’m heading to my perfume closet right this minute for an extremely generous spritz of Violet Empire from CB I Hate Perfume, so unusual and one of my very favourite Spring scents…violets in a bed of green grasses, green violet leaves crushed underfoot, an aura of fresh mint, damp resinous woods, leather. A moment in time in the woods - fresh, earthy, ever so slightly sweet, deep purple, shining green – the smell of early spring, so evocative of beautiful renewal. Smelling this makes winter just a bad dream!

And if that doesn’t cheer me up 100%, I’m going to spritz Jour d'Hèrmes. This scent is radiant at first, with citrus and rhubarb at the top, but then becomes so light and airy, a diffused floral accord that’s a kaleidoscope of different notes. Rose, violet, lily of the valley gardenia, hyacinth, orange blossom, weave in and out on the air, mixed with hints of green from leaves, and cut stems. Deceptively simple, decidedly complex, with an arresting sillage, another genius creation by Jean –Claude Elena. It’s a big beautiful spring bouquet, just in from the garden!

Gwen: Those two will definitely stop the winter grumbling – guaranteed! Which all goes to prove that even though some scents seem to bloom in warm weather, it doesn't mean you have to wait for warm weather to wear them.

Kay: An inspiring notion, BFF. Now let’s share our winter remedies with our readers…

Gwen: All they have to do is order the "Winter’s End" Decant Pack – 4 fresh frags for $14.00, PLUS SHIPPING.


“Winter’s End” Decant Pack – 4 fresh frags for $14.00, PLUS SHIPPING.


Folavril – Annick Goutal

L’Eau Chic – Parfums de Nicolaï

Violet Empire - CB I Hate Perfume

Jour d’Hèrmes – Hèrmes