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Notes Series #11 – COFFEE


Coffee is made from roasting coffee beans, which are really the seeds from the Coffea plant, an evergreen bush native to subtropical Africa and islands in southern Asia.

And, while a good cup of java is a great way to kick start your day, fragrances with the coffee note allow you to carry that feeling around with you all day with their intense, dark, warm facets.


Notes Series #11 – COFFEE – 3 - 1 ml. decants for $14.00, regular $17.00.

Milano Caffe - La Via del Profumo  - bitter coffee and chocolate and aromatics

Milano Caffè isn’t really about the coffee note in a perfume or the smell of coffee, it’s much more about the pleasurable experience of living with beautiful scent. Throughout its graceful development, coffee is the key note, dark and dry and aromatic, elegantly accented with chocolate, caramel, and vanilla - a very subdued natural sweetness – as well as grasses and flowers and woods – a green and floral balance. It’s a quiet fragrance with a waft that is soft and sensual but which stays close, perfectly suited for morning or night on women and men. Wear it, experience it, share it, enjoy it, and love it.


New Haarlem – Bond No. - dark coffee and ambered woods and lavender.

Ahh, the smell of coffee in the early morning. Can you bottle this incredible smell? Well, yes - if you’re Bond No. 9 and you ask Maurice Roucel to create New Haarlem. With notes of bergamot, green leaves, coffee, cedarwood, lavender, vanilla, amber and patchouli, this is a fragrance for both men and women with gourmand tastes, who love the allure of niche scents. The best thing is that this fragrance does NOT smell like food on the skin, it warm, intriguing, and inviting a subtle sillage that lasts for hours and hours.


Noir Exquis – L’Artisan Parfumeur - nutty and floral and roasted

According to the L`Artisan press release, the brief for Noir Exquis was: ‘an unexpected rendez-vous in a French patisserie. Two people meet over a coffee in a French patisserie. Noir Exquis opens with a note of candied chestnut –tempered with a note of fresh, juicy orange while a note of walnut adds a rich nuttiness to the opening. It smells delicious and passes my test for a gourmand fragrance: the urge to lick it off my skin. As it blooms, a sweet, floral note of orange blossom ushers in a light note of coffee. This is not an intense, deep dark roast because this is not a deep, dark coffee fragrance. The coffee smell here is more like the scent that rises up from a cup of coffee creme. It ends with notes of caramelic maple syrup, coconut, almond, and dark vanilla and sandalwood. Radiant, refined and elegant. True to the brief, it smells familiar, comforting and welcoming. It smells like you want to wear it.


Price: $14.00