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Nuit Etoilée


Launched in 2012 by Annick Goutal, Nuit Etoilée is described on their web site as: To walk for hours close to nature at nightfall. Listening to the wild grass crumple and the pine cones crack under your feet. Collecting branches of evergreen, snapping them, smelling their resinous odor on our fingertips. Then to lie back and enjoy the moonlight, as though alone in the world... If this is the mood you are after, then this is the fragrance you want. The opening of mouth-puckering citron sweetened with juicy orange backed by green, herbal peppermint. So cool and fresh, it’s compelling. As the top notes fade it gets all piney, dark and foresty (is that even a word?) from Siberian pine while fir resin gives it a rich incensy depth. The haunting drydown of herbal anise from angelica seed sweetened by Tonka bean and warmed by curry-scented immortelle. This is a close-to-the-skin scent, that morphs from cool to warm while keeping its serene beauty. Nuit Etoilée is so mood invoking, it would smell great on either a man or woman. Notes: citron, sweet orange, peppermint, Siberian pine, fir resin, angelica seed, tonka and immortelle Type: EdT Parfumeurs: Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen

Price: $4.00