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Onde Sensuelle is part of L ’Artisan’s the Explosions D’Emotions series launched earlier this year.  Created to honour the evocative power of scent, the fragrances in the collection, all done by prolific nose Bertrand Duchaufour, are designed to show the range of human emotions.

Onde Sensuelle translates into English as ‘sensual wave’. The L’Artisan website describes it as the ache of desire. An insatiable, voracious desire is felt like a deep force, surging under the skin. A wave of sensuality washes over you.

Onde Sensuelle opens fresh and clean with bitter, sour bergamot and tart, tangy grapefruit. As it blooms, the citrus is counterbalanced with a note of sweet, floral Jasmine Sambac cooled by juniper and cardamom, to create a trembling feeling of delicious anticipation. And, then it comes: a wave of spicy warmth from ginger, cumin, and saffron that settles into the skin like a sweet release.  Onde Sensuelle is a fragrance of contrasts. Its beauty lies in  is how it rocks back and forth between spicy warmth and crisp coolness creating the push-pull tension of desire until it comes to rest on a base of animalic musk, sweet amber, and rich woody oud.

The drydown, is soft, sensual, inviting and surprisingly clean. This isn’t the smell of sex or of rutting, no, Onde Sensuelle is the olfactive experience of ache of anticipation, and the sweet release of, desire that is born on your skin when you spray it on.

No wonder I can’t wait to wear it!

Notes: bergamote, grapefruit, jasmine Sambac, ginger, cardamom, cumin, juniper, saffron, musk, amber, and oud.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Bertrand Duchaufour

Price: $5.00